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For Last 28 Years, Commissioner Has Controlled Which Teams Receive Best Players

In December of 1935, Newsweek Magazine declared basketball was “a sport at which Jews excel” due to their “lack of size”  and “mental acuity”.

Hmmm, not sure where anyone came up with that theory… but National Basketball Association Commissioner David Stern is Jewish and definitely excels at controlling modern basketball.

Stern took over as commissioner in 1984 and immediately began to transform the game into a $3.64 billion-a-year industry. Other Jews have also jumped on the money train.

Chicago Bulls: Jerry Reinsdorf
Cleveland Cavaliers: Dan Gilbert
Dallas Mavericks: Mark Cuban
Detroit Pistons: William Davidson
Houston Rockets: Leslie Alexander
Los Angeles Clippers: Donald Sterling
Miami Heat: Micky Arison
Milwaukee Bucks: Herb Kohl
New Jersey Nets: Bruce Ratner
Philadelphia 76ers: Ed Snider
Toronto Raptors: Larry Tannenbaum
Washington Wizards: Abe Pollin

Stern’s critics claim he controls which teams receive the best players.

In 1985, Stern introduced the draft lottery system to determine the order in which team’s select college players.

In every other sport, the worst team gets the first pick and gets to selects the best college player.

However, Stern introduced the lottery system which means EVERY team that does not make the playoffs has a chance to receive the first pick.

Meanwhile, critics claim Stern actually fixes the results of the draft lottery to distribute the best players to the teams he likes the most. (aka: owned by Jews)

Six of the last eight teams to win the NBA Draft lottery are owned by Jews:

(2005: Milwaukee Bucks, 2006: Toronto Raptors, 2008: Chicago Bulls, 2009: Los Angeles Clippers, 2010: Washington Wizards, 2011: Los Angeles Clippers)

In 2010, critics claim Stern convinced LeBron James and Chris Bosh to join Dwayne Wade and play for the Miami Heat. (owned by Jew Micky Arison)

Most recently, Stern blocked a trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers. INSTEAD, the Hornets traded Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Clippers (owned by Jew Donald Sterling).

This year, the New Orleans Hornets CONVENIENTLY “won” the first pick in the NBA draft lottery.

Conspiracy theorists are already claiming Stern rigged this year’s draft lottery and gave the pick to the Hornets to make up for the Chris Paul deal. 

Stern has also promoted diversity and turned basketball into a symbol of black culture. Children worship their favorite players and buy expensive jerseys and shoes to identify with them. (all to profit the Jews…)

Jews have not only turned baseball into a lucrative business but use it to promote diversity.

The financial aspect of basketball has created controversy between the Jewish owners and the black players.

Last March when the NBA players association considered going on strike for more money, Stern angrily told them he knew where “the bodies are buried” in the NBA, because he had buried some of them himself.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not telling everyone to stop following basketball. However, people should remember who they are supporting when they buy expensive tickets and merchandise…


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