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Gay Jewish Author Maurice Sendak Dead

Writer Known For “Where The While Things Are” Will Not Be Missed

Gay Jewish author Maurice Sendak died this morning from complications of a stroke (finally…).

Sendak has described his childhood as a “terrible situation” because his extended family “died in the Holocaust”.

He later became a children’s author, known for writing “Where the While Things Are” in 1963.

In 1970, Sendak also wrote “In The Night Kitchen” which included several illustrations of a naked, young boy.

Many critics also claim that book is filled with  sexual innuendo due to the “nudity, free-flowing milky fluids, and giant milk bottle” (which is shaped like a penis).

In a 2008 interview with The New York Times, Sendak admitted he was homosexual and had lived with psychoanalyst Dr. Eugene Glynn for over 50 years.

In other words, Sendak was a gay, Jewish author who wrote children’s literature filled with sexual themes…

What a legacy…

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