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Jewish Cultural Terrorism

Culture Destroyers

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Jett Rink and Joey McGoebbels discuss several Jewish articles which shows the Jewish bias of the mainstream media, the mentality of American Jews, and the politicians who kiss their chosen butts.
Topics Discussed:
Obama declares May Jewish American Heritage Month – holds Jewish celebration
Apple to Start Massive Israel Hiring Push
Israel is Theme of Homosexual Conference held this year in Philadelphia. In 2011, Israel was rated the friendliest country to homosexuals.
Connecticut Jewess Maria Balaband wants Gentile Black Woman exhumed from her Jewish Cemetery.
Mass Rally of “Jews Against the Internet” to Gather at Citi Field (Mets Stadium) in May
Sixth Grade Teacher, Evan Zauder, arrested on kiddie porn and other charges. Zauder was close to becoming a rabbi.

The Jewish Trayvon Martin:
Jewish males named, Eliyahu Werdesheim and Avi Werdesheim, members of the Jewish neighborhood watch Shromrim faced Judge Pamela White who refused to drop the charges against the brothers. Eliyahu had special training in the Israeli Defense Forces. The Werdesheim brothers of Cleveland are accused of attacking black teen, Corey Ausby, in November 2010. Eliyahu Werdesheim was convincted while Avi was cleared. Eliyahu faces sentencing in June.

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