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Marx’s Theory To Expand Government, Destroy The Family

Karl Marx was a philosopher, economist, sociologist, and revolutionary socialist. In 1848, he wrote “The Communist Manifesto” and became the father of modern social science.

But like Sigmund Freud and Betty Friedan, his work had a deeper purpose.

Both of his grandfathers, Meier Halevi Marx and Isaac Pressburg were Jewish rabbis.

Marx hated German Idealism, the philosophical theory that ideas are more important than physical objects. He criticized German philosophers including Immanuel Kant, Johann Gottlieb Fichte, and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

Marx promoted materialism, the theory that physical objects are more important than ideas. He claimed spiritual ideas like “God”, “marriage”, and “family” were fake, socially created theories.

In 1845, he criticized German Idealism in his book, “The German Ideology”.

Marx claimed Germans spent too much time in “the realm of philosophy”. He thought their ideas were confusing and abstract.

He wrote Germans “lack not only the necessary power of comprehension and the material but also the evidence of their senses”.

He explained “in direct contrast to German philosophy which descends from heaven to earth, here we ascend from earth to heaven

In other words, Marx believed Germans waste their time thinking about cultural traditions and spiritual ideas. He wanted people to focus on physical objects and create a “workers paradise” (heaven on earth).

Marx believed  “in history up to the present it is certainly an empirical fact that separate individuals have, with the broadening of their activity into world-historical activity, become more and more enslaved under a power alien to them, a power which has become more and more enormous and, in the last instance, turns out to be the world market.”

Hmmm, interesting… So what is the solution?

Marx claimed “the overthrow of the existing state of society by the communist revolution and the abolition of private property which is identical with it, this power, which so baffles the German theoreticians, will be dissolved; and that then the liberation of each single individual will be accomplished in the measure in which history becomes transformed into world history. Only then will the separate individuals be liberated from the various national and local barriers

In other words, Marx argued the world would be free without nations, religion, and private wealth. (Sounds like that John Lennon song…)

Better Dead Than Red…

Marx theory is flawed because he totally ignores what makes people human. Our spiritual ideas define who we are and how we live. His classless, stateless society would also destroy cultural traditions. (That was probably his goal though…)

In 1848, Marx expanded on these theories in his book, “The Communist Manifesto”.

In the opening of the book, Marx claims “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.”

He explains, “society as a whole is more and more splitting up into two great hostile camps, into two great classes directly facing each other — Bourgeoisie and Proletariat.”

In other words, Marx claims society is divided between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, the rich and the poor, the haves and the have-nots.

Marx claims the bourgeoisie uses religion to distract everyone, the family structure to oppress women, and nations to divide people.

In reality though, Marx blames the wealthy bourgeoisie to distract everyone from the true source of global conflict… Jewish Communism…

Marx has become one of the most influential figures in human history and his ideas have spread throughout the world.

His political ideas have influenced Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Chairman Mao and most recently Barack Obama.

Modern communism is the continuation of Marx’s theory to expand the government and destroy the family.


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