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Zuckerberg Called Facebook Users “Dumb Fucks” For Trusting Him 

Back in 2004, Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, a social networking website. Users create a personal profile, add other users as “friends”, “tag” photos, and “like” their interests and posts their friends have made.

Today, Facebook has over 900 million active users around the world.

Social Media Today claims 41.6% of Americans have a Facebook account.

Zuckerberg is now worth an estimated $19.1 billion, making him one of the 30 wealthiest people on Earth.

So, who is Mark Zuckerberg?

He was born in White Plains, New York in 1984. He grew up in a Jewish family and attended Temple Beth Abraham in Tarrytown, New York.

In a recent article in The Daily Scarsdale, Matt Bultman interviewed Rabbi David Holtz who described “Zuckerberg’s “Star Wars”-themed bar mitzvah” and “a trip to Israel with the 15-year-old Zuckerberg”.

In 2002, Zuckerberg enrolled at Harvard to study psychology and computer science.

He joined Alpha Epsilon Pi, the Jewish fraternity and met a group of friends. The next year, they lived together in Harvard’s Kirkland Hosue in two adjoining rooms. Zuckerberg’s roommates included Dustin Moskovitz, Joey Siesholtz, Arie Hasit, Billy Olson, Joe Green, Chris Hughes.

Arie Hasit is now serving in the Israel Defense Forces Spokesperson Unit.

In a 2009 interview with Haaretz Jewish Magazine, he described his relationship with Zuckerberg.

Hasit remembered he met Zuckerberg in 2002 after they had joined the same fraternity. “We ate Shabbat dinner together, every year we raised money for charities in Israel.”

He also claimed Zuckerberg “fasts on Yom Kippur. Sometimes he would come to the Hillel House, a Jewish organization that ran various activities.”

Hasit also described living in the dorm with Zuckerberg. “He was in one room while I was in the other. This was a large apartment, we were seven students crammed into five bedrooms. We saw each other every day for a number of hours.”

Zuckerberg & Moskovitz

In February of 2004, Zuckerberg launched Facebook with the assistance of Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes. (Saverin and Moskovitz are both Jewish)

In 2008, Zuckerberg hired Jewish feminist Sheryl Sandberg as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Facebook. From 1996 to 2001, Sandberg was the Chief of Staff to the United States Secretary of the Treasury.

Sandberg was ranked #5 on “the world’s 100 most powerful women” by Forbes Magazine in 2011. She is on the board of directors for the Walt Disney Company and Starbucks. In her position at Facebook, she is second in rank to Zuckerberg and controls the daily operation of the company.

In 2009, Zuckerberg hired Jewish economist David Ebersman as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Facebook. 

Zuckerberg recently claimed “Facebook was not originally created to be a company. It was built to accomplish a social mission—to make the world more open and connected.”

In other words, Facebook makes the world easier to control. Politicians have noticed the potential of Facebook and reached out to Zuckerberg.

In a 2008 speech, Israeli President Shimon Peres claimed Jews could use Facebook to fight anti-Semitism.

Back in March, Peres actually visited Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California and praised Facebook as a “vehicle for social change”.

Hmmm, social change? How could Facebook be a vehicle for “social change”?

In a recent article from The New York Observer, Elise Knutsen described Facebook as an “online collective data farm”.

She explains “Facebook is a service and a product to its users. But they pay nothing to use it, and there is no native revenue stream. The value of the company—its main asset, to itself any and potential business partners—is the users themselves, and access to them and their information.”

Therefore, Knutsen claims “the more information Facebook gathers about you, the more the company is worth.”

Mark Zuckerberg clearly has no concern for the privacy or security of Facebook users.

Back in 2010, Business Insider released private IM’s they had received from Mark Zuckerberg. In the messages, Zuckerberg called Facebook users “dumb fucks” for trusting his website with their “emails, pictures, and addresses”.

Also in 2010, tech blogger Nick Bilton tweeted a conversation he had with a Facebook worker:

“Off record chat w/ Facebook employee. Me: How does Zuck feel about privacy? Response: [laughter] He doesn’t believe in it.”

The controversy has affected the long term growth potential of Facebook. Some users decided delete their account and leave the website altogether.

In a CNN article from last June, Doug Gross reported Facebook had lost 7 million users and their market growth in America had stalled.

With Facebook’s future success uncertain, Zuckerberg knew his company was overvalued by investors. He decided to cash in now and take advantage of his website’s current popularity.

On February 1, Facebook filed for an initial public offering (IPO), which meant the company would start selling shares to the public and trading on Nasdaq.

When Facebook officially went public on May 18th, the price of their stock was valued at $38 a share.

HOWEVER, Zuckerberg knew his company’s stock was not actually worth that much. He sold $720 million worth of shares before the Facebook’s stock price quickly dropped to $32.

Now, some investors are suing Zuckerberg for hiding negative information about the future growth potential of the Facebook .

In fact, the The Independent (UK newspaper) reports the controversy has created a new word. “Zucked” is being used to describe what happened to Facebook investors who lost money.

Catchy, but I believe “Jewed” is more appropriate.

“Jewed: To get screwed over or cheated out of something” UrbanDictionary.Com


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