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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Are Black Musicians being killed?
This is speculation my opinion, not fact

The Jews Band

This band dominates the industry!

We all know now that Donna Summer has passed. Only a few months ago so did Whitney Houston. One could say Summer was… Continue reading

In “Brave New World”, Mustapha Mond & John “The Savage” Debate Advantages/Disadvantages

Chapter 17 of Brave New World examines the quality of modern life.

World Controller Mustapha Mond (named after Jewish Zionist Alfred Mond) is a progressive, liberal ruler who claims modern life is better because more people are “happy”.

John “The Savage” is a traditional, conservative, blonde European man who believes life is worse and likes the way things were. He criticizes modern society for abandoning real art, science, and religion.

Here is a condensed version of their discussion:

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