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Abortion Kills Babies & Women

Want To Fight Breast Cancer? End Abortion...

A recent study published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention reported an increased risk of breast cancer for women with abortions.

The study also found that additional abortions further increased the risk of breast cancer.

Medical researchers led by Ai-Ren Jiang conducted a study with 1,351 women. They reported a 52% increased risk of breast cancer in women who had abortions.

The data also showed the risk of breast cancer in women with abortions increased with age.

After menopause, women who had an abortion had an 82% higher risk of breast cancer. Women with three or more abortions had a 114% increased risk of breast cancer.

(“Women With a Previous Induced Abortion Had a Significant Increased Risk of Breast Cancer
Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, Volume: 13, February 2012
Page: 33-35)

Doctors believe abortion increases the risk of cancer because it increases estrogen levels and disrupts the female reproductive system.

More Americans are recognizing the harmful effects of abortion.

According to a recent Gallup Poll released Wednesday, a record-low 41% of Americans claimed to be “pro-choice,” while 50% identified themselves as “pro-life.”

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