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The death of the “oldies” genre
Jett Rink

Before the advancement of mass media, social media, and technology in general, many barriers and social morality were higher thus making people less susceptible to control. This means those who seek to control the masses had to put a heavy focus on the media of the day, we’re talking 1950’s America here. So your main focus for then would be TV (Ed Sullivan for example) and mainly Music(Records,Radio was HUGE).
Media Jews formed what were known as “Bubble Gum Bands.” All-American kids that would be the front men for what professional songwriters were crafting. The Media Jews had to keep the sexual overtones down and mainly crafted clean “pop” love music.
One of these Media Jews happens to be Phil Spector. You may have heard of him, he allegedly capped a girl. Anyway, Spector has a god-complex and it’s hard to argue with it. He crafted many of the hits and was never as in the spotlight as the bands were.
Many towns today don’t even have an Oldies station. There’s a reason for this. It’s too clean, it’s too decent. It fails at controlling people.
Thus the Media Jews of today’s era are killing them off. People wonder why today’s music sucks. Simple. They already have a strong control now through broken barriers and sexual looseness. They don’t need to focus on music anymore. That’s why you get a crappy techno beat…

A Bubble Gum Band’s song about “Making out in a car at Lookout Point” compare that to today’s message.

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