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Jews are using the Pied Piper Technique

Jewish Pied Piper

Follow Him, He’s the Jewish Pied Piper

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In the following special edition of the Jett Rink Show, Jett exposes the Jewish Pied Piper Method.
Synopsis: Jett Rink explains how the Jews set up the Truth Movement after 9/11, the exodus of Jews from the movement after 9/11 became an obvious Mossad operation…and the falling intelligence level of the movement.

Jewish Luke Rudkowski sets up WeAreChange uses donations on drugs and blames Bush for 9/11
Russia Today – American haters who never blame the Jew.
Jewish Lackey Bob Whitaker (Who Worked for the National Review which was set up by the CIA and Jews) comes out with the Mantra which unsurprisingly doesn’t mention Jews. Further, the Mantra feminizes White Males.
Whitaker’s gimp, Horus, makes cartoons that support the Holocaust myth, Indians appear noble, the White Man is portrayed as a genocidal devil. It is Jewish propaganda disguised as White Media.

Other Frauds Exposed via the Pied Piper
Did The Media Jews kill Dick Clark? – What’s up with Black musicians dying lately?
Kid’s TV Shows  – Out with White stars, In with Jew stars
It Gets Worse Project – Fags bully us via email
Just get a cat instead of a feminist girlfriend

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