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Part Five Of “The Catholic View of Judaism” Series

Saint John of Capistrano was born in 1385 in Italy and became a Catholic priest and scholar.

From 1451 to 1453, he traveled throughout Europe preaching against Judaism and usury (money lending). His powerful speeches convinced many Catholics to expel Jews from their communities.

These facts are documented in a book published by The Pontifical Institute of Medeival Studies:

Schlomo Simonsohn, The Apostolic See and the Jews. (Toronto, The Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies, 1991), 219-220

This source can be viewed for free on Google Books:


In 1456, he led a successful Crusade against the Ottoman Empire (he was 70 years old at the time). After he died later that year of the bubonic plague, he became known as the “Soldier Saint”.

This article is part five of “The Catholic View of Judaism” series:

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Conclusion: Modern Catholics & Judaism

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