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Many Republican Leaders More Dedicated To Fighting For Israel Than Protecting America

William Kristol is a political analyst, commentator, and recognized as a leader within the Republican Party. He is the founder and editor of “The Weekly Standard” magazine and often appears on Fox News Network.

But what is the real purpose behind his political message? Is he a true conservative?

In 1952, Kristol was born in New York City, New York into a Jewish family.

His father, Irving Kristol was a political philosopher and widely recognized as the founder of Neoconservativism.

In 1973, political analyst Michael Harrington created the term “neoconservatism” to criticize Irving Kristol and his political philosophy.

Harrington believed a group of liberal intellectuals had grown apart from the political and cultural attitudes of Democratic Party. He claimed these “neoconservatives” were actually liberals creating a new form of false conservatism.

However, Irving Kristol actually embraced the term and founded the Neoconservative movement.

In February 1979, he was featured on the cover of Esquire Magazine and described as “the godfather of the most powerful new political force in America — Neoconservatism”.

Irving Kristol actually received the Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor from President George W. Bush in 2002.

William Kristol has continued his father’s work and influenced the Republican Party.

In 1979, Kristol received a Ph.D. in government from Harvard. He was named chief of staff to the Secretary of Education during the Reagan administration in 1985.

After President George H. W. Bush was elected in 1988, Kristol became the Chief of Staff to Vice President Dan Quayle. In 1990, The New Republic claimed Kristol was “Dan Quayle’s brain“.

Jewish journalist Phillip Weiss of Mondoweiss described Kristol as a “Republican Party warlord” and claimed he is “treated like royalty” in the Jewish community.

Kristol has used his power to influence Republican leaders and slander his opponents. He recently declared that “all the elements hostile to Israel inside the Republican Party were purged over the last 30 years”.

He believes true conservatives like Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan should be “be expelled or not welcomed into the Republican Party” since they do not promote Israel.

In 2002, Kristol was a leading advocate for the War in Iraq. He sent a public letter to President Bush and claimed Israel was in danger. In the letter, Kristol wrote:

“Israel’s fight against terrorism is our fight. Israel’s victory is an important part of our victory. For reasons both moral and strategic, we need to stand with Israel in its fight against terrorism.”

In 2010, Kristol formed the Emergency Committee For Israel to promote and spread Zionism in America.

Kristol has also supported President Barack Obama’s decision to intervene in the Libyan civil war and wants to expand the “War on Terror” into Iran to “defend Israel”.

Kristol & his NeoCons have are determined to fight wars for the “chosen people”. Many Republican leaders are more dedicated to fighting for Israel than protecting America.


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