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Part Twenty Of “The Catholic View of Judaism” Series

Vatican Monument to Pope Benedict XIV

Pope Benedict XIV was born in 1675 in Bologna, Italy. He became a Catholic priest and scholar and was elected as Pope in 1740.

The next year, Pope Benedict XIV wrote Beatus Andreas (Blessed Andrew).

The Papal bull (law) declared that Jews carried out the ritual murder and blood sacrifice of Catholic children.

More specifically, he wrote the document in response to the death of Andreas of Rinn (German: Anderl Oxner von Rinn). He was a three-year old boy killed by Jews in the village of Rinn, Austria back in 1462.

Jews Killing Children For Blood Sacrifice

Pope Benedict XIV claimed Jews commit these murders “out of hatred of Christ” and “out of hatred for the Christian faith”.

He also mentions what happens “when a case of this kind occurs, as it appears common with respect to a child who has been killed in Holy Week by Jews out of contempt toward Christ. The murders of the Blessed Simon and Blessed Andreas in particular are such, but so too are the murders of many which are listed by the authors. “.

The entire source is posted on the Catholic website,


These facts are documented in a book written by Michael C. Thomsett:

Michael C. Thomsett, The Inquisition: A History. (North Catholina, McFarland & Company, 2010), 118.

This source can be viewed for free on Google Books:

( Pope+Benedict+XIV&source=bl&ots=ixWWGnsQq3&sig=jLd6xnHqmwHHYQxxOswpZt25VJc&hl=en&sa=X&ei=j9frT9DHEcL_qwGHpPW7BQ&ved=0CCkQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q&f=false)

Later in 1755, Pope Benedict XIV officially canonized Andreas of Rinn and he became a saint.

The spot where the murder occurred was known as Judenstein bei Rinn (The Jewish Rock At Rinn). It became a place of pilgrimage for devout Catholics around Europe.

The story was spread throughout Europe using theatrical stage performances.

In 1816, the Brothers Grimm published their version of the story in a book of German folklore.

This article is part twenty of “The Catholic View of Judaism” series:

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