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Israelis and American Jews have called both Pepsi and Coca Cola Anti-Semitic

Jewish Cola

Kosher Cola

Enter Coca Cola

In 1948; The Arab League officially organized a boycott of Zionist/Jewish goods, institutions, supporters, and businesses. As a result, businesses had to choose whether to sell to the Jews or the Arabs. In 1949, Coca Cola tried to create a plant in Israel. However, this was blocked by the Israeli government. As the Arab market was larger, Coca Cola did not mind being kept out of Israel.
In 1961, The manager of Coca Cola’s Egyptian plant stated to the Arab World that Coca Cola would never do business with Israel.
These remarks would draw heavy Jewish criticism and the boycott of Coca Cola by International Jewry. On April 1, 1966, Jew Moshe Bornstein accused the Coca Cola Company of being anti-Semitic and refusing to do business with Israel because Coca Cola was making more money by selling to the Arabs.
The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith supported Bornstein’s claims. The Jews then mobilized the media in a campaign against Coca Cola. Restaurants and famous Americana tourist spots stopped serving Coca Cola as a result of this media campaign. American Jews were ready to boycott Coca Cola.
Coca Cola capitulated and agreed to open a bottling plant in Tel Aviv. As a result, they were placed on the Arab League’s Boycott List in 1968. Israel felt this was a great victory in their use of influence.

Pepsi – Pay Every Penny to Save Israel

When the Arabs dropped Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola was right there to fill the void. The Jews had Coke and the Arabs had Pepsi. Yet, Pepsi would have a bizarre situation in business dealings with the Jews.
Pepsi had claimed the reason they did not do business with Israel had nothing to do with the fear of losing their Arab Markets [Coca Cola dominated the Israeli market]. This exposed a spot which the Jews exploited. Now, it was/is illegal for any American company to boycott Israel. The Jews through their media convinced the American public that Pepsi had to be going along secretly with the Israeli boycott.
The Anti-Defamation League investigated these claims and stated Pepsi was going along with the boycott. These claims were never proved in American courts and Pepsi was off the hook, or so it seemed. Coca Cola rose in America as a drink of “Freedom” while Pepsi fell to the status of “You must be a Jew hater if you drink Pepsi.” Despite Coke’s rise as the American drink, it went through the same attacks Pepsi was now going through.

Pepsi Enters Israel and Loses It’s Kosher License Thanks To Hypocritical Jews

Pepsi’s entrance in 1992, into Israel was a disaster which infuriated Jews. Firstly, Pepsi’s Israeli commercial featured a monkey evolving into a man drinking Pepsi. Jews were angered and felt they were being compared to monkeys. Pepsi pulled the commercial soon after complaints.
In 1993, Pepsi would anger Israelis so much that it would cost them their Kosher license. Pepsi carried out a Michael Jackson Tour. So what was the problem? Jackson arrived in Israel on the Sabbath. This timing did not rest lightly with Israel. Pepsi was stripped of the Kosher License. Jews claimed that Pepsi was attempting to corrupt their Jewish culture and youth through rock and roll, music, and sex.
(Now does that sound like Pepsi or the Jew’s Viacom Vh1/MTV?)

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