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An Angry Romney means Landslide in November

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney Could Restore Dignity To the POTUS Office.


Despite the highly paid campaign strategists and public relations people the Romney campaign utilizes, Mitt is still neck and neck with Obama. This should not be the case. Obama is totally beatable. The exoticism and excitement that surrounded Obama are gone. The President actually had to set up “African-Americans for Obama.” Blacks are calling him an “Uncle Tom” and don’t feel he represents them. The Jews even dislike Obama, which means Mitt Romney has a green light to become President. The problem and it always has been is that Mitt Romney can not connect to average Americans. The problem is Romney is not an average American nor are his campaign leaders.

What made the Ethnic Catholic an unstoppable force in American politics was that he was dirt poor and rose to office.
There’s a certain virtue and power in starting out poor. Examining the early Ethnic’s rise shows what it takes to enter American politics. You see the Ethnic Catholic never waited to be handed something, rather, he went and took. He didn’t need a “green light” from AIPAC, in the case of Romney or Obama. The Ethnic Catholic had determination, another virtue of economically poor upbringing. Typically, the Catholic would ally during election with the Protestants and/or Jews then once in office stab the knife in their backs. That’s politics. The political arena is bloody, it always was.
That’s what Romney must learn. The arena is bloody. He needs to think poor. Meaning Romney needs to get angry. His speeches should affect Americans into anger. Obama’s economy of worthless solar plants, algae, everyone becoming a government employee in addition to the loss of the Triple-A credit rating is way more than enough to landslide him. If Romney really wanted to win, he’d start asking,“Who the hell is this Obama?”
I know that’s asking too much of Mitt. One of his rich Wasp/Jews needs to tell him that the American public sees through his facade. We need to see the real Romney. We need to see the vicious, cut-throat Romney that gave orders in the board room. The poor respect honesty. If you’re angry and the guy running for President is angry and says We, the people, deserve more and doesn’t mention that his wife has a couple of Cadillacs, you’ll vote for him.

Trump got this idea. Jett and Jahn Media supported a Trump run. He frustrated liberals and correctly connected with the already angry American people.
In the 21st Century , the President curses. You see there’s something admirable about the President giving the leader of China a McDonald’s happy meal and telling him to take his Chink ass home. Maybe it’s because the President is representing YOU.

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