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Portland – The Homosexual Detroit

Portland Gay City

Typical Portland Residents

Portland, Oregon, known for its street kids and neo-hippie attitude, is now known for something else – being a complete hell hole. Gio’s rant tells of a Portland where nobody gives a shit anymore. This may be the case as scores of former Californians moved to Portland to escape the Mexican invasion into California, just to see the same worthless Mexicans invade Portland. Don’t forget the blacks either! It seems one can not go a block without running into an interracial couple with their mutt children. Not all is bad though, Portland’s art is on the rise. Graffiti on homes,businesses,churches, etc. is helping the city achieve her new look.
Portland also experiences true diversity; aside from interracial couples on every block, you can also run into faggots or dykes displaying disgusting perverted behavior in public.
Now let’s talk about the great economy! If you’re a business owner and a sexual degenerate you’re in luck! Portland is home to a number of LGBT organizations that will help you with your business. Take a look at Portland Area Business Association LGBTQ or get your company featured in Portland’s LGBTQ Gay Yellow Pages.
As for entertainment one can always see a fabulous spectacle by Portland Gay Men’s Chorus.

Gio’s Rant on Portland

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