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Paterno’s dead, so let’s just dump this on him – The Freeh Report

Louis Freeh

Louis Freeh

The Freeh report was garbage the minute it was released. Why? It lacked subpoena power. Can you believe that? The report that claims to get “to the bottom” of the Penn State Scandal lacked subpoena power. That means the Freeh report fails to investigate the real players. The Freeh Report is Gospel in the media, though. Which goes on to another point, these enemies of Joe Paterno and PSU don’t care about the “victims” either. They’re simply glad Paterno and PSU is finally out of College Football’s spotlight.
Take a look at an utter piece of shit, FSU’s ex-coach, Bobby Bowden. Bowden was Paterno’s top rival. As soon as the scandal broke, Bowden was yelling to strip JoePa of his wins, take down the statue, fine PSU. Because of the kids, right Bobby? It couldn’t be that it’d help you move up in history. If Paterno, the greatest college football coach to ever live, one of the greatest maker of men in American society, is to have an asterisk next to his name in the history books, shouldn’t you Bowden? Paterno made you sit on the bench if you sucked in school; while FSU under Bowden earned a reputation of felons on the field.
Oh yeah, the Freeh Report.  There were 430 interviews conducted and 3.5 million documents examined. Were there really? The only job of the Freeh Report was to throw Joe Paterno under the bus, and make Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett appear as a hero.
When Corbett became Governor he was automatically made a member of the Penn State University Board of Trustees and his first move was to fire Paterno.
Why? We’ll reveal in later articles.

Joe Paterno = Great Man/American Hero
Bobby Bowden = Sore Loser
Louis Freeh = Why isn’t this guy investigated?


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