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Honoring the boss – Quinn

In the three years I worked with Mr. Brett Quinn I have the following simple statement – I believe in him.
I take pride in being part of the jett and jahn staff. Mr. Quinn has never once belittled my work. He wanted more of my web design work – I designed jett and jahn. I gladly accepted. Mr Quinn has never once begged the staff or the audience for donations. He has made it clear both to us on creative and the fans that David Duke and the protestant wns as the americans say are money grubbers. Mr. Quinn is the only true White Nationalist and he’s Catholic!

Brett Quinn reminds me of another great Catholic Irish American whom went up against the same forces – Vince McMahon
Both came from unloving fathers, made a name for themselves quickly, and invented something new.
Mr. Brett Quinn invented Northern Catholic Racism. It has humor, class, and focuses on the Jew. It breaks the old cliches that David Duke & Co. smeared the image of white nationalism. No more group dues and bogus jew money schemes, just support a white media corporation.


Remember David Duke Jew Lover –
No Chance…that’s what you’ve got
Up against a machine too strong
Pretty politicians buying souls from us are PUPPETS
Who’ll find their place in line

But tie a string around your finger now boy
’cause it’s, it’s just a matter of time
‘cause you’ve got…

No chance in hell

Quinn’s philosophy

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