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Part Five Of “The German View of Judaism” Series

Johann Gottlieb Fichte was born in 1762 in Rammenau, Saxony (Germany).

He became a renowned philosopher, spreading German idealism and his theories about self-consciousness and self-awareness.

In 1793, Fichte wrote A State Within A State.

In the book, he examined the political conditions in Europe.

He claimed “a powerful hostilely disposed nation is infiltrating almost every country in Europe. This nation is in a state of perpetual war with all these countries, severely afflicting their citizenry. I am referring to the Jewish Nation.”

Fichte adds that “the Jewish Nation is so dreadful not because it is isolated and closely knit, but rather because it is founded on the hatred of mankind.

He claimed “the Jews alone are citizens of a state within a state which is more secure and powerful than any of yours”.

Fichte’s problem with the Jews was not religious, but moral:

Let the Jews never believe in Jesus Christ. Let them never believe in God. If only they did not believe in a misanthropic God and in a double ethical standard (one applicable to Jews alone, another for their dealing with the Gentiles)

In conclusion Fichte argues that Jews should have no civil or legal rights in Europe:

I see absolutely no way of giving them civic rights; except perhaps, if one night we chop off all their heads and replace them with new ones, in which there would not be one single Jewish idea. And then, I see no other way to protect ourselves from the Jews except if we conquer their promised land and send all of them there.”

These facts are documented in his writing, which was translated from German and published by Oxford University Press:

Paul Mendes-Flohr & Jehuda Reinharz, Jew in the Modern World. (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1980), 309.

This source can be viewed for free on Google Books:


Fichte is also considered one of the fathers of German nationalism.

In 1808 when Berlin was occupied by the French, Fichte gave passionate speeches and inspired the Germans to resist foreign rule.

Historian Robert Nisbet claims Fichte is “the true author of National Socialism”.

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