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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Catholic? Faithful? Bros’ dont want you

Wedding Rings

Sorry Babe, I don’t want to get married. Wanna give me head tho? ~ College Bro

Personal note from the Jett here; a former dude the Jett knew from school decided to buy one… Continue reading

Obama calls drug dealing hard work?

Obama Jay Z and Beyonce

Obama, Beyonce, Jay Z

Obama states in the below video that Jay Z, “represents America…He came from nothing…worked hard (Jay Z sold drugs in his youth)…and rapping.

Jay Z says Obama represents a magical… Continue reading

Rise above the filth.

Jewish Hyper Realism

Jewish Hyper Realism

Transcendentalism is nothing more than the ability to rise and reject the current culture. We at Jett and Jahn reject the Jewish/Wasp (Enlightenment) Culture of America.

Transcendentalism in Media

Chaz Bono, weirdo fuck

chaz bono

Burn in hell, weirdo fuck

Chaz Bono has no job. He/She is a total pussy. He lives of Cher Bono’s payroll. I’m tired of these transgender cocksuckers. Chaz Bono got his tits cut off yet he… Continue reading

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