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Network Built By Jew, Leonard Goldenson

Leonard Goldenson was born in Scottsdale, Pennsylvania back in 1905. He attended Harvard Business School and later hired as a manager of United Paramount Theatres.

Goldenson orchestrated the merger of United Paramount Theatres with ABC in 1953.

ABC officially began as a radio network in 1944 but they were in no position to take on the additional costs of a television market.

Goldenson rescued ABC with a $25 million cash infusion, which made himself the founding chairman of the newly merged company.

He oversaw all areas of the company’s entertainment and media operations until 1986 and used the network to spread his own Jewish values and beliefs.

ABC is currently operated by Robert Iger, another Jew who was recently honored by the Shoah Foundation back in June (an organization founded to preserve the stories of “Holocaust survivors”).

ABC has broadcasted many programs created and written by Jews. Many of them have worked to destroy traditional morals and values.

Here are several notable examples:

1969-1974: The Brady Bunch (Sherwood Schwartz)

1970-1975: The Odd Couple (Neil Simon)

1976-1983: Laverne & Shirley (Lowell Ganz)

1988-1997: Rosanne (Rosanne Barr)

1988-1993: The Wonder Years (Fred Savage)

1993-2000: Boy Meets World (Ben Savage)

2000-2009: Spin City (Barry David Goldberg)

2005-2006: Commander in Chief (Rod Lurie)

2011-2012: G.C.B. (Good Christian Bitches) (Darren Star)

2009-Present: Modern Family (Steven Levitan)


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