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Network Built By Jew, Bill Paley

Bill Paley was born in Chicago, Illinois back in 1901.

In 1927, his father bought the Columbia Phonographic Broadcasting system (CBS), a radio network of 16 stations. Bill understood the earnings potential of radio and learned to sell advertising time for profits.

During this time, radio stations were local, “stand-alone” outlets (independent, almost like newspapers).  Stations mostly broadcasted local events and whatever programs they decided to purchase from larger networks.

However, Paley saw the earning potential for a national network of outlets. He required affiliate stations to broadcast network programs so he could charge more for advertising spots (and spread his shows promoting cultural filth throughout America).

Later, CBS launched a television network and Paley used the same business tactics. He also took advantage of the opportunity to shape American public opinion through television.

As World War II began, Paley developed the CBS news division and spread anti-German propaganda.

During the war, Paley was actually a member of the psychological warfare branch in the Office of War Information and held the rank of Colonel.

In fact, his bio on the Museum of Broadcast Communications claims “he served as deputy chief of the psychological warfare branch of General Dwight Eisenhower’s staff”.

After the war, he continued running CBS until 1990 and used the network to spread his own Jewish values and beliefs.

CBS is currently operated by Leslie Moonves, another Jew who is actually the great-nephew of David Ben-Gurion (the first Prime Minister of Israel).

Over the years, CBS has broadcasted many programs created and written by Jews. Each of them has worked to destroy traditional morals and values.

Here are several notable examples:

1955-1956: The Honeymooners (Frank Satenstein)

1951-1957: I Love Lucy (Jess Oppenheimer)

1960-1968: The Andy Griffith Show (Arthur Stander)

1961-1966: The Dick Van Dyke Show (Carl Reiner)

1964-1967: Gilligan’s Island (Sherwood Schwartz)

1970-1977: The Mary Tyler Moore Show (James L. Brooks)

1971-1979: All in the Family (Norman Lear)

1972-1983: M*A*S*H (Larry Gelbart)

1975-1985: The Jeffersons (Norman Lear)

1996-2005: Everybody Loves Raymond (Phillip Rosenthal)

2002-2009: Without a Trace (Hank Steinberg)

2000-Present: CSI Crime Scene Investigation (Anthony Zuicker)

2003-Present: Two and a Half Men (Chuck Lorre)

2005-Present: How I Met Your Mother (Carter Bays)

2007-Present: The Big Bang Theory (Chuck Lorre)


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