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Network Built By Jew, David Sarnoff

David Sarnoff was born in Uzlyany (modern day Belarus) back in 1891.

As a child, he moved to New York City and spent most of his childhood memorizing the Torah at Hebrew school.

In fact, his bio on the Museum of Broadcast Communications claims “Sarnoff’s early childhood years were spent studying to be a rabbi”.

He was later hired as an office boy for the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America in 1906 Over the next 13 years Sarnoff rose through the company and became a commercial manager. Later , the company merged with RCA (Radio Corporation of America).

During this time, radio technology was used for “point-to-point” (one person speaking with another person) communication during war.

However, Sarnoff saw the potential for “point-to-mass” (one person speaking with a large audience) communication for entertainment purposes (or to influence society and destroy the culture…).

In the early 1920’s, sporting events and concerts were broadcasted and the demand for home radio equipment exploded.

In 1926, RCA purchased its first radio station (WEAF in New York City) and launched the National Broadcasting Company (NBC), the first radio network in America.

Four years later, Sarnoff became president of RCA.

Soon after, he recognized the potential for the combination of radio with motion pictures (television).

Plans had long been proposed for this outcome but with no realistic designs.

David Sarnoff was determined to develop the new technology and funded a project by Westinghouse engineer Vladimir Zworykin in 1928.

Seven years later in 1935, Zworykin successfully created his photomultiplier prototype (television).

Finally, in April 1939, RCA launched NBC, the first television network in America.

Their first broadcast was at the New York World Fair and introduced by Sarnoff himself (the first Jew on TV in America, but certainly not the last…).

Sarnoff quickly took advantage of the opportunity to shape American public opinion through television.

In World War II, Sarnoff served on General Eisenhower’s communications staff, arranging expanded circuits for NBC to transmit anti-German propaganda after the invasion of France in June of 1944.

Later, Sarnoff oversaw the construction of a radio transmitter powerful enough to reach all of the allied forces in Europe, called Radio Free Europe.

After the war, he received the Brigadier General’s star in December 1945 and was known as “General Sarnoff.”

He continued running NBC until 1970 and used the network to spread his own Jewish values and beliefs.

NBC has broadcasted many programs created and written by Jews. Many of them have worked to destroy traditional morals and values.

Here are several notable examples:

1965-1970: Get Smart (Mel Brooks)

1972-1977: Sanford and Son (Norman Lear)

1982-1989: Family Ties (Barry David Goldberg)

1982-1993: Cheers (James Burrows)

1989-1998: Seinfeld (Jerry Seinfeld)

1994-2004: Friends (Marta Kauffman)

1999-2000: Freaks and Geeks (Judd Apatow)

1998-2006: Will and Grace (Max Mutchnick)

1990-Present: Law and Order (David Wolf)

2005-Present: The Office (B.J. Novak)

1975-Present: Saturday Night Live (Lorne Michaels)


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