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The Jewish War Against The Virgin Mary

The Virgin Mary is hated by Jews

Virgin Mary

Immaculate Mary


In the continuing culture decay Catholics look even more to the perfect woman, The Virgin Mary. In a time where women are sluts and self-centered, men need inspiration from somewhere, thus the admiration and love for our Mother, Mary.

The Jews know Catholics love Mary and they have sought to sexualize her as a slut.
A google image search revealed a slew of pornographic Mary images. Here is just a taste:

Jewish Filth Mary

Jewish Filth


Jewish Filth Mary

Some Jew Sexual Deviant gets off to this

Those who hate the Church say that Catholicism is what prevents the Catholic from driving the Jew out. That’s false. The enlightenment and “reason of man” science drivel is what made the Catholic man a pussy. in 1500 draw these painting of Mary and the Jew’s head would be on the pike courtesy of the Vatican.

The Jew is the eternal problem of the world.

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