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Merry Christmas from Jett and Jahn Media


Priests in flowing white robes burn incense that smokes like the breath of God, filling the Church with the timeless perfume of holiness.

The people speak, chant, and sing, prayers that have comforted human souls for thousands of years.

They receive the holy sacrament of Communion, the same way their ancestors did for generations before them.

Nobody does this better than the Catholic Church.

The magic, tradition, ritual, and beauty of the Mass connects us with them.

It speaks of eternal truth.


The tangible, physical sacraments of the Catholic religion represent the sacred, transcendent spirit of God.

The large cathedrals, vibrant colors, precious metals, burning candles, rising smoke, and holy water symbolize spiritual ideas.

For centuries, Catholic families have joined to celebrate Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.

This is the purpose of Catholicism: to follow our ancestors and keep their traditions.

They are gone, but we revive them and make them relevant when we believe in their ideas.

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