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 Jews Ultimate Goal Is Transhumanism, To Merge With Machines & Live Forever

Ray Kurzweil is a Jewish inventor and futurist, described as “the rightful heir to Thomas Edison” by Inc. magazine and “the ultimate thinking machine” by Forbes.

He is known for his prediction that humans will soon transcend biological mortality and live forever.

He believes that rapid growth in technology will eventually lead to “singularity”, a moment when humans and machines will merge.

In the meantime though, Kurzweil takes 250 pills, 10 glasses of alkaline water, and 10 cups of green tea every day in an effort to “reprogram his biochemistry”.

But what if Kurzweil dies before “singularity”?

Oh, he has that covered…

In the event of his sudden death, Kurzweil has paid for his body to be chemically preserved, frozen in liquid nitrogen, and stored in the hope that future medical technology will be able to revive him.

Wow… Is this real life?

Yes, Kurzweil is a believer in Transhumanism, the  effort to develop technology that eliminates aging and enhances human abilities.

In other words, Transhumanism is basically Jews trying to fix their genetic weaknesses.

They are tired of being short, fat, bald, unattractive, and having higher risks for heart disease and breast cancer.

They want to change the natural order of the universe. They believe God made errors and they want to fix these “mistakes” with science and technology.

Although Jews are mostly known for exploiting economies and destroying cultures, these are only temporary projects.

Their ultimate goal is Transhumanism, to merge with machines and live forever…


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