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Jewish “Hero” Looking To Sell Story For Profit


Many stories emerged following the Sandy Hook Tragedy, including the bizarre tale of Gene Rosen.

Rosen, an elderly Jewish man, has told his story about discovering a group of Sandy Hook Elementary School students in his driveway on the morning of the shooting.

He claims to have brought them inside of his home, comforting them with stuffed animals and juice.

Since the incident, Rosen has appeared on several network television interviews and talked about his experiences with the children.

In a Fox News interview with Megyn Kelly, Rosen said:

“I want them to call me “Grampy”, or “Uncle Gene”, or “That Guy”, or “Hey You”. I want to hold them, I want to be with them. I want to tell them that there is light after the darkness. I want to read to them, I want to read a book to them. I want to be with them, I want to give them a special gift for Christmas. I want to tell them that I will love them forever and ever, that they will be in my heart forever and ever.”

Recently, Rosen has also hired an agent and contacted several publishers with the hopes of signing a book deal.

Although many claim it is too soon and worry about the public backlash that would occur, Rosen apparently has no problem with standing on the graves of these children for a profit.


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