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The Protestant Belfast Flag Riots Will Fail, Ireland Will Eventually Be United Again


Back in December, the Belfast City Council voted to remove the British flag from their building.

Throughout the past when the council was dominated by the pro-British Protestant unionists, the “Union Jack” flew in front of City Hall every day of every year.

However, the Irish Catholic nationalists now hold 24 seats on the council, compared with 21 for the unionists.

In addition to removing the British flag from city council, the Irish Catholic nationalists also plan to remove the British crown emblem from the cap and shoulder patch of public officials.

Fifteen years ago, the conflict between the Irish Catholic nationalists and the pro-British Protestant unionists were largely settled by the Good Friday agreement, which created the power-sharing government that now rules Northern Ireland.

The Good Friday agreement also specified that Northern Ireland would remain part of Britain as long as a majority of the province’s people agreed.


However, the Catholic population in the region has grown rapidly since then.

The most recent census results from last year showed that 48 percent of people in Northern Ireland were Protestant, down 5 percentage  points from the 2001 census. Meanwhile, 45 percent identified themselves as Catholic.

In the city of Belfast, many claim the Catholics are already a majority and could form a majority across the entire region within a decade.

These predictions have led to fear among the pro-British Protestant unionist Paul Shaw, who explains “It’s our flag, our identity; it’s been flown above City Hall every day since  1906, and it’s being stripped from us.”

Later he adds “If we  lose this one, we’ll have a united Ireland in 5 or 10 years, and we won’t accept  it. We’ll die to defend the flag. If we have to, we’ll go back to the  graveyards and the jails.”

The pro-British Protestant unionists have also led the Belfast Flag Riots, which have continued for the last six weeks. They have injured more than one hundred police officers and dozens of others.

However, the Protestants will fail and Ireland will be united again.

Ireland will be Catholic, the way God intends it to be…


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