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Israeli Terrorism Against American Citizens….Again

Sandy Hook Elementary School

Sandy Hook Elementary School

53 Minutes
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-Rupert Murdoch Tweets that the Jewish Owned Press does not cover the death of Palestinians
-Mike Harris says Israel did Sandy Hook and has Death Squads operating within America
-Gene Rosen says pedophile things; also messes up his story. Saw casualty list early
-Shotgun found at scene over police scanner, yet not reported in official story
-Two other suspects arrested outside school, no word on who these men are
-Why were police looking for a van initially?
-Day of shooting, Wolf Blitzer interviews Rabbis?
-Israel upset over United Nations and Palestine
-Alex Jones’s rant staged cover for Israelis
-Jones and Hero Teacher Ms. Soto were both Stratfor Agents?
-Israel angry about Chuck Hagel whom stated, “I am US Senator, not an Israeli Senator.”

Gene Rosen - Sayanim

Gene Rosen – Jew Sayanim

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