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Transcript From Talk At The National Press Club In Washington D.C. (3/20/2007)


In this speech, Dr. E. Michael Jones examined the Culture War,  Jesus Christ, and the myth of the “white” race.

It’s a long speech, but here are excerpts where he explained Good Friday and the “Jewish Revolutionary Spirit”:

Dr. E Michael Jones: This battle began 2000 years ago, at the foot of the cross, when Annas and Caiphas, the Jewish high priests said to Jesus Christ, “If you come down from the cross, we will accept you as our Messiah.”

Needless to say, Jesus did not come down from the cross, and because he didn’t the Jews rejected Him, chose Barabbas, and became revolutionaries, condemned to seek heaven on earth by following one false Messiah after another from Simon bar Kokhbar, to Shabbetai Zevi, to Alex Portnoy, to Paul Wolfowitz

The real enemy, it turns out, both here and in Russia, was the revolutionary Jew.

As the Gospel of St. John makes clear, the Jews became “the Jews” the minute they rejected Christ.

As such, their only identity is negative. The minute they rejected Logos, which means reason, order, speech, and word, they became revolutionaries, determined enemies not only of Christ and the Christian social order, but any order in any society not of their own revolutionary making.

Thirty years after rejecting Christ, the revolutionary Jew rose in rebellion against Rome. Seventy years later they united under Simon bar Kokhbar, one of their many messiahs, and tried the same thing again.

Having failed to destroy Rome they attempted to destroy the Europe which St. Benedict created out of the ruins of the Roman Empire and to replace it with one of their many deadly Utopias.

What do Jerusalem under Simon bar Kokhbar, the Soviet Union under Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamanev, and Radek, the short lived Soviet Republics of Bavaria under Kurt Eisner and Eugene Levine and Hungary under Bela Kun, the racial Apartheid state known as Israel under terrorists like Menachem Begin or Itzhak Shamir, or the neocon never-never land known as a free and democratic Iraq have in common?

Death is what they have in common.  Lots of people have to die to bring about the revolutionary Jew’s version of heaven on earth.

The West which we seek to preserve is based on docility to Logos, the order of the universe which makes discourse possible. The essence of the Jewish Messianic politics which seeks to create heaven on earth is rejection of Logos, not sacred DNA.

The essence of the Jewish rejection of Logos is known as the Talmud, which is anti-Logos in every sense of the word, from hatred of Christ all the way down to rejection of the practical logos that is known as morality.

In France in 1890, in wake of the one hundredth anniversary celebration of the French Revolution, the Jesuits who wrote for Civilta Cattolica explained how widespread rejection of Logos, in the form of the French Revolution, led to bondage, in particular bondage to Jews.

The same thing is true of our country in the wake of the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s. We swallowed the bait of sexual liberation and ended up enslaved by our enemies.

Lest anyone misunderstand me, I am saying that the Jews are our enemy insofar as we are partisans of Logos.

They are the enemy of Logos, because their religion is based on hatred of Logos.

At this point, it should be obvious that I am not just talking about Jews as the enemies of Logos. I am also talking about Christians who want to live and act like Jews. The Puritans spring immediately to mind along with the poisonous Judaizing influence they have had on America from the moment of its birth.

But I am also thinking of the character assassins and apologists for usury, pornography and other Jewish forms of social control, those who feed at the trough of institutions like the Bradley Foundation – their name is Legion – and earn their money by poisoning the public mind.

The same forces which used the NAACP to turn the Negro into the revolutionary vanguard in the United States, the same forces which subverted the idea of conservatism, are still at work today. As Nelson Algren once said, every movement begins as a cause, becomes a business, and ends up being a racket. This is nowhere more true than in the civil rights movement, where the NAACP made the transition from cause to business, and the name of the racket is the Southern Poverty Law Center.

In case you haven’t noticed, the SPLC has declared war on Catholics. Traditional Catholicism is now featured as harboring 100,000 anti-Semites. I have been listed as one of the most prominent of those 100,000, even though I am not now nor have I ever been a traditionalist…

We are now engaged in a battle which has ebbed and flowed over the centuries, but the sides in this battle have not changed. What has changed are the odds. The Jews have never been stronger; the Catholics have never been weaker, but the outcome of spiritual battles–and the battle for the soul of the West, as Tolkien knew, is a spiritual battle–no matter what the odds, is rarely predictable.

If St. Paul, representing the Christian position, has to say, “When I am weak, I am strong.” Then the revolutionary Jew, representing the opposite position has to say, “When I am strong, I am weak.”  We are outgunned on every front in the culture wars, but that is no reason for despair, if we follow the Logos that St. Paul followed, because he was outgunned by the Jews too, outgunned but not undone, saying, “We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down but not destroyed.”

At this point, if we were all French or Austrian or English or Russian, I would utter a stirring call for the return of the Bourbons or the Habsburgs or the Stuarts or the Romanovs to the throne.

But since we’re all Americans, I can’t do that. We have no common past. We have no royal family waiting in the wings. We have no established religion which can act as a source of order and identity. We have no racial identity. We have no common DNA. I am almost tempted to say that we have no we.

We are a nation of nations, and that is all we have ever been.

All we have is various ethnic traditions and communities, united by the frail bonds of Logos as perceived by a human soul so beset by human passion.

Even if our souls are weak, however, Logos is not. Logos is the glue that holds the universe together, and so it is strong enough to unite us as Americans whether it be the higher Logos which acknowledges Christ as Lord of the universe or the lower Logos which honors him by seeing this order in the works creation or in the moral law.

We are the party of Logos, and it is only as such that we can think of surviving much less prevailing over our enemies

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