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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Kunis Named “Sexiest Woman Alive”, Becomes Sex Symbol For Modern Jewish Feminism


Esquire Magazine named Mila Kunis the “Sexiest Woman Alive” in 2012.

(apparently her obnoxious voice & nose weren’t taken into consideration…)… Continue reading

How Ostara Became Easter

ostaraEaster is the most important day in Christianity, but many Protestants were against this “pagan” and “Popish” celebration.

Eventually, German Catholic immigrants brought their traditions to America and celebrated them in their ethnic communities.

Easter was… Continue reading

Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day, We Share Our Favorite Poem


Invocation: Amairgin (2nd Century)

“I seek the land of Ireland
Forceful is the fruitful sea,
Fruitful the serried mountains,
Serried the showery woods,
Showery the cascade of rivers,
Cascaded the tributaries… Continue reading

Transcript From Interview With Kevin Barrett From Truth Jihad Radio


In this interview, Catholic author Dr. E Michael Jones explains feminism, contraception, AIDS/HIV, and homosexuality.

It’s a great interview, here is the transcript:

Barrett: Welcome Mike, how are you?

Dr. Jones: Good Kevin, thank you. I have to make a correction immediately. It was St. Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana. So it was across the street from Notre Dame but yes, I was fired for opposing abortion.

Barrett: Right, which seems kind of counter intuitive. I thought Catholics were supposed to oppose abortion?

Dr. Jones: Yeah, that’s what I thought too but truth is stranger than fiction, you know what they say.

Barrett: Well indeed, yeah. I thought we were also supposed to be pursuing truth wherever it leads. Taking facts and applying logic to them and yet when I did that with 9/11, I got tossed out as well. Let’s go ahead and tell the listeners about how that went down.

Dr. Jones: I was hired in 1979 as a professor of American Literature, I met the English faculty at the MLA convention in New York that year, asked them what the relationship between feminism and Catholicism was at Saint Mary’s College. I thought that was an interesting question, didn’t answer it, and then I found out a year later when they fired me, it was a tenure track position and they fired me, and they said basically, what I found out was that anytime feminism contradicts Catholicism, feminism trumps Catholicism, and therefore Catholicism had to make way for feminism. So basically what it was, was what started off as a Catholic college had turned into an indoctrination point for Catholics, rather than an education point, and at that point I got out of academia, started a magazine which is now called Culture wars, and it allowed me to do research into finding out what happened there, and that’s a long story but I mean, part of it is what I described at the conference in Iran that we both attended.

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Sandberg Writes “Lean In”, Which She Describes As “Feminist Manifesto”


On the most recent cover of Time magazine, Sheryl Sandberg is featured with the caption, “Don’t Hate Her Because She’s Successful”.

In her recent book “Lean… Continue reading

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