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“It is necessary that I should die for my people; but my spirit shall rise from the grave, and the world will know that I was right.”

Hitler – April 1945


Saint Adolf Hitler fought to unite Germany in much of the same way King Charlemagne did to create the Holy Roman Empire.

Germans NEVER called themselves Nazis, that name was actually created by Jews (“Ashkenazi” is the Hebrew word for Germany).

Saint Adolf Hitler proudly proclaimed his government was the Third Reich (Empire), which paid respect to the First Reich, the Holy Roman Empire founded by King Charlemagne.

Both Hitler and Charlemagne were Catholics who fought wars to expand their state. Both rulers established economic policies that promoted real human labor and prevented the financial exploitation of the German people.

In 814, King Charlemagne created the Capitulary for the Jews, which outlawed Jewish usury and money lending. The first law threatened to cut off the right hand of any Jew who loaned money and collected debt from the Church or Catholics. The second law erased any debt that existed between Jews and Catholics. The third law prohibited Jews to sell wine, grain, or other commodities at their home and threatened confiscation and imprisonment for any violations of this rule.

King Charlemagne also fought brutal wars to convert the Saxon tribe and once executed a group of 4,500 soldiers who had peacefully surrendered. He was triumphant though and his historical reputation was formed by his supporters. He was eventually named a saint by the Catholic Church following his death.

By contrast, Hitler was defeated and his enemies have carefully developed and spread his legacy… the Holocaust…

As Winston Churchill once famously declared, “history is written by the victors.”

The Fuhrer Leaving Church

Introduction: Jett and Jahn Presents “Novena To Saint Adolf Hitler”
Day One: Lambach Abbey
Day Two: Life in Vienna
Day Three: World War I
Day Four: Beer Hall Politics
Day Five: The Failed Putsch
Day Six: Reich Chancellor
Day Seven: Nuremberg Rallies
Day Eight: The Crown Jewels
Day Nine: Jewish Question
Conclusion: Saint Adolf Hitler: Maryr Of The Modern World

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