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Jewish Airhead Farrah Abraham (from small dick Jew Sumner Redstone’s Viacom’s MTV’s Teen Mom Fame) and ugly hook nosed Jew porn “star”, James Deen,(Yeah the fish eyed Jew is mocking the Jett’s role model) real Hebrew name Bryan Matthew Sevilla, are involved with lots of Chutzpah regarding a sex tape. Abraham says the tape was made because “her body is beautiful,” and she “wanted to keep it private.” The Chutzpah of the tape being private is obviously fake. This is an attempt by the Jews that control the media to get two more chosen kikes famous and push degeneracy. Jews want women to think it’s completely normal to make a porno with some clown-faced Jew  In fact, Abraham argues with Dr.Phil (publicity of course) that because her body is “hot” (It’s not really, she’s a typical long necked kike)  she thinks she should show it off in “sexy photos” and “sexy videos.” Typical Jew pushing the evil Satan-inspired Jew Agenda. Many young females already take “sexy photos” by hiring a photographer for model-like photos only to put them up on facebook. Jews want gentile girls to next call up the local porn Jew and make a sex tape and throw it up on Pornhub.
Jett and Jahn Media tweeted James Deen in regards:

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