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In This Series Of Articles, We Examined American Television


Jews openly discuss their influence within modern American culture.

During the Anti Defamation League’s conference “Fair or Foul: The Portrayal of Jews on TV”, Jewish writer Matt Weiner admitted that Jews “are represented in this industry in a very big way”:

We are in every aspect of it — the creative part; we’re behind the camera; we’re in front of the camera(Jewish) people have been attracted to (Hollywood), and America enjoys our product.”

Weiner is known for creating the popular television series “Mad Men” and joked:

“I’ve always thought, you know, “Think Yiddish, write British”.

Therefore, Jett and Jahn Media created the “Television: Jewish Propaganda?” series to explore the strong “Yiddish” influence on American television.


This article is the introduction to the “Television: Jewish Propaganda?” series:

Introduction: Television: Jewish Propaganda?
NBC: Jewish Propaganda?
CBS: Jewish Propaganda?
ABC: Jewish Propaganda?
Sex and the City: Jewish Propaganda?
House: Jewish Propaganda?
Modern Family: Jewish Propaganda?
Big Bang Theory: Jewish Propaganda?
Mad Men: Jewish Propaganda?
Jon Stewart: The Jew Behind The Daily Show (& Colbert)
Matt Stone: The Jew Behind South Park

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