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In This Series, We Honor Men Who Have Stood Up For Truth

Yung Eggplant Believes Lebron Is Member Of Illumanti

Modern American culture has no heroes.

Most young men admire selfish athletes like Lebron James, Tiger Woods, and Michael Jordan.

Their worldview has been shaped by shows like Jersey Shore, Tosh.o, and “The Daily Show” with John Stewart.

They grew up listening to music “performed” by Lil’ Wayne, Drake, and Jay-Z.

In other words, most Americans have no idea what it means to be a real man anymore.

Therefore, Jett and Jahn Media created the “American Heroes” series to honor men who have stood up for the truth.


This article is the introduction of the “American Heroes” series:

Introduction: JnJ Presents “American Heroes” Series
Ty Cobb
James Wilson
John Rankin
General Patton
Jesse Helms
George Wallace
John Rocker
Ted Nugent
Joseph Rakes

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