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Download Our Study Showing True History Of German Cultural Anti-Semitism
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Many modern historians claim the Third Reich was ruled by a small group of radicals that did not represent the values and beliefs of most Germans.

In other words, they ignore the historical basis for the National Socialist German Workers’ Party within the context of German nationalism.

From 800 through 1806, Germany was known as the Holy Roman Empire.

Many rulers, philosophers, and artists throughout that period spread anti-Semitism and criticized Jews.

Therefore, Jett & Jahn Media has created “The German View Of Judaism” series.

After we compiled a list of sources, we wrote this series of educational articles to present the true history of German culture.

(All of the sources we will use are from well documented academic books and articles. If you doubt any claim we make, we welcome you to look it up for yourself)

Introduction: Jett & Jahn Media Presents “The German View of Judaism”
Charlemagne: Capitulary for the Jews
The German Crusade of 1096
Martin Luther: On the Jews and Their Lies
Immanuel Kant: Anthropology From A Pragmatic Point of View
Johann Gottlieb Fichte: A State Within A State
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel: The Spirit of Christianity
Arthur Schopenhauer: Parerga and Paralipomena
Johann Sebastian Bach: St. John’s Passion
Ludwig Von Beethoven: The Beethoven I Knew
Richard Wagner: Judaism & Music
Conclusion: Modern Germans & Judaism

Recently, we compiled these articles into a PDF file and released them as an E-Book.

Click Here To Download Our Study Showing True History Of German Cultural Anti-Semitism
(PDF: 0.69 MB)

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