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In This Series, We Examine True Origin Of Modern American Culture


Jews proudly admit their role in creating modern American culture.

In fact, Rob Eshman from the Jewish Journal wrote “when they say Jews control Hollywood, I always think to myself: Thank God.”

He explained:

“Understanding the people who shape America’s culture is hardly just an exercise in Jewish pride. Because even as America’s political and industrial influence has waned, culture has remained one of its most popular exports.”

Eshman further added:

It’s useful to consider what Jews and only Jews bring to the writing table. Not because it’s better or worse (my sense is it may be the former, but the laws of political correctness mandate I throw in that phrase), but because it is Jews whose style and whose themes have dominated the entertainment media for much of the past century.”

Therefore, Jett and Jahn Media created “The Jews Behind Culture” series to examine the ideas that have “dominated the entertainment media for much of the past century”.


This article is the introduction to “The Jews Behind Modern Culture” series:

Introduction: JnJ Presents “The Jews Behind Modern Culture”
Sigmund Freud: The Jew Behind The Sexual Revolution
Karl Marx:
The Jew Behind Communism
Betty Friedan: The Jew Behind Feminism
Albert Einstein: The Jew Behind Modern Science
George Soros: The Jew Behind The Democratic Party
William Kristol: The Jew Behind The Neocons
Lou Pearlman: The Jew Behind The Boybands
David Stern: The Jew That Runs Basketball
Bud Selig: The Jew That Runs Baseball
Mark Zuckerberg: The Jew Behind Facebook
Ben Bernanke: The Jew Behind The Federal Reserve
Ray Kurzweil: The Jew Behind Transhumanism

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