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A new fight video has surfaced by a fellow classmate of Kaitlyn Hunt. The video was posted on tumblr on May 25, 2013. It appears to depict Emily Hunt fighting another girl while Kaitlyn Hunt looks on and drops such profanities as “fuck yeah… beat her fuckin ass, Emily!” and soon Kaitlyn runs in and gets a few swings at the girl. After the fight, she says, “bitch i’ll fuckin fight you too motherfucker, don’t fuckin touch me bitch!” How lady like!
The student also calls her a “whore” and accuses her of “always starting high school drama.”
From student’s blog –
I personally go to school and am in the same grade as Kaitlyn Hunt. I can tell you that the way the media is portraying her is far from reality. I have never even made contact with her before, but from personal experience I can say that she is not a good person and is not ‘innocent’. She is known as a whore throughout the school, constantly starts high school drama, gets in school suspensions, and is overall not well liked at all. No, I don’t have a grudge against her, I’ve never even made contact with her. It’s just that my whole school knows she’s not a good person and don’t think it’s fair the media is portraying this otherwise. Hopefully this video further proves she is not the girl everyone thinks she is.

If you don’t believe the video is real, google the Indian River County Sheriff’s website, find her under the inmate search, and see where it lists tattoos. It says she has a bird tattoo on her right, as does Kaitlyn in the video.

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