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Blacks are Satanic and their culture is evil

Birdman and lover Lil Wayne

Birdman and lover Lil Wayne

Since JnJ has started in 2009, the internet has recently become more aware of Jews and their nigger soldiers. Thus, I  came across this article on

Why black culture is evil

Marxism has no culture apart from statues of Lenin, Stalin, Clinton, Chavez, and Obama, it is a pure nihilism, an anti-culture. For the Marxists, propaganda replaces culture, just as collectivism replaces individualism. No one was allowed to paint a picture or write a novel in the Soviet Union. You will have the same future under global Communism.

We are in the period just before the total Marxist dictatorship, so some culture continues to exist in the Western nations, but it is mostly pop culture now. The Cultural Marxists are devoted to explaining away and eliminating the high culture of the West and replacing it with politically correct pseudo-culture. Satanic culture is fine with them because Satanism is the religion of the elites.

Blacks have a special role in this era. Black leaders are all Marxists and Freemasons. That includes the leading “pastors,” such as Martin Luther King, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. The Marxists wolves take on the disguise of Christian sheep to fool the masses. But it’s not Christianity that they are pushing. It’s socialism.

Blacks serve two roles in the takeover. The revolutionary blacks keep up the pressure and staff the radical activist organizations. The pop culture blacks degrade culture to the lowest possible degenerate level.

The problem with racial integration in America is that blacks never integrate to the highest level of white culture. Instead, whites integrate to the lowest level of black culture. This is a true degeneracy, a meaningless enervation of the energies and aspirations and methods and values that made European culture superior to Negro culture.

White liberal guys are very quick to take on the worst aspects of black identity to get along. This even includes listening to their crappy music and adopting black speech patterns. We don’t know if any white people watch the black TV shows, but if they do, wow, what a waste of time. Shuck and jive, what a laff riot.

We haven’t observed the white feminist morons adopting degenerate black role models, but they do watch Oprah and make political alliance with them. White girls do imagine they are Negroes if they are whores, but the ambitious politically correct Oprah-watchers seem more interested in psychological tricks for getting ahead, getting over on men, pseudo-therapies, mastering computer appliance use, New Age witchcraft, sex perversions, and perpetually reinventing themselves than in becoming a soul sister.

The marketers offer a rationale for adopting the low black culture and its accompanying bad attitudes. They call it “soul.” Soul brother, soul food, soul music, get on the soul train. Right. Negro superstitions and emotions have nothing to do with spirituality, or even with the psyche. But trance music does go nicely with drugs.

Black low culture is a con, and most of it is aimed at getting over on whitey. This is not some “evolution” by random chance, or a logical development, like abstract painting. It’s controlled from the top of the New World Order pyramid to degrade and dumb down the cattle.

Black people are just as controlled by Black Illuminati as white people are controlled by white (Jewish) Illuminati.

Here’s how it works. It’s planned evil. Yep, a lot of it has to do with promoting homosexuality.

The forced integration experiment failed in the 1950s. Black people couldn’t become white. Instead they voted Democratic for the welfare handout, the affirmative action special privilege, forced integration of the corporations, Jesse Jackson race blackmail, crackhead Negro comedians like Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy, hiring of the unqualified, and the right to take their shitty Marxist queer attitudes into white neighborhoods and bedevil white people with their junk lives.

Then, for some reason we don’t understand, white kids started to fall into the same Negroid degeneracy. The white suburbs got stoned, started worshipping the death goddess, and spiraled down into cultural insanity.

Never integrate, it’s spiritual and cultural death for white people. You will notice that the liberal guys who appear in media never hold up white culture to blacks as a higher standard and something they could aspire to. There is never even a debate about white culture versus black culture. The white people on TV always play themselves downhill into the black degeneracy. The same is true of the white liberal masses who accept any black culture into their lives.

Allowing yourself to adopt any of the black culture themes is spiritual and cultural death. Blacks vote over 90 percent Marxist. Black politicians are picking your pockets and running the country into bankruptcy. The high rates of illegitimacy and low rates of family formation indicate a social degeneracy that underlies the Negro crooner’s sexy romanticism. Nothing can be built from the wreckage of the black culture and its social degeneracy. The gangster, revolutionary, pimp, and drug-dealer postures are satanic role models. Anyone who listens to rap music is oriented to Satanism and is constantly reinforcing the satanic predator attitude.

Even the Marxist community organizers like Obama can’t organize this mess of black degeneracy. No one knows how to reclaim these lost lives for minimum productivity, let alone goodness. Notice that none of the black leaders ever does anything about this satanic mess. That’s because, the rap artists are actually the agents of the black Marxist leaders. They are working toward the same goal, the satanic world order. Whitey won’t be part of it.

Ordinary black folk have a dream. Martin Luther King gave it to them. They believe that if white people are forced to mix with them, they can become more like white people. It wasn’t enough to worship white people from afar and imitate them, they jumped on the forced-integration bandwagon looking for some benefit.

Of course this forced integration is contrary to the principles of the Constitution. If you take away a company’s right to hire whomever they wish, you have subverted private property rights. If you force racial integration, you take away the right of free association. But black people don’t care about the Constitution. They care about getting a leg up on whitey so they can piss on him.

Negroes would like to have somebody to be proud of, an achieving Negro. Somebody besides Jackie Robinson and John Lee Hooker. Somebody who can make a plan and carry it out. Somebody who can create wealth without being a con man and a hustler.

A few Negro elites looked to the builders in stone, the Freemasons, for superior knowledge. But when you embrace Freemasonry, you get Jewish occultism, and all the evil stuff that goes with it. Notice that these Negroes didn’t become builders in stone, they became Illuminati controllers.

And that is the hidden history of how black leaders got taken over and used for the New World Order satanic agenda. Instead of learning how to produce something from the creative white people, they learned how to control and enslave people in degeneracy from a little cult of Negro Freemasonry. Which was set up by the white Freemasons for the purpose of taking over Negroes.

Screw them, but let’s look at the broader influence of black degenerate culture. If they had their own land and economy, degenerate black culture wouldn’t be so bad because white people could get away from it. (Actually, Negroes do have their own separate country, Liberia. In fact they have a whole continent to choose from.)

The Negroes who moved in next door didn’t become better, they stayed the same. White women started acting like Negro whores. The white family imitates the Negro degeneracy and falls apart. White people start demanding welfare and voting Democratic. White people end up in Negro hell. They become liberal trash.

Whites who integrate with blacks are satanic socialist waste products. They are dangerous because they are aggressive and stupid, aggressively stupid, like Negro panhandlers trying to get some more free wine.

It’s up to good black people to overthrow their Illuminati controllers, just as it’s up to good white people to overthrow their Illuminati controllers. This cannot happen under the current “free expression,” “civil rights,” and “equality” set-up.

If you got fascinated by any aspect of black pop culture, identity-cleanse before moving ahead to claim the greatness of European culture as your true heritage.

If you consumed any of this black garbage, you can visit websites devoted to Victorian culture to quickly reacquaint yourself with the high ideals you’ve let slip away and be replaced with gay Illuminati pervert Negro hermaphrodite crud.

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