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“Dirty Nig Bitch” @ 1:10

Our favorite white/black towel head rapper, Machine Gun Kelly, originally born in Egypt, was talking with a black media reporter on the red carpet and things quickly got heated! The reporter asked our boy about his tweet saying he loves chocolate milk. This black media reporter immediately said, “I’m chocolate!” Our Egyptian White Boy then tells her that his kid is black (wtf?) and that black girls get the best head. Somehow there is confusion over his head comment, and Machine Gun Kelly delves way too much into debating fellatio. ¬†Another black woman overhears MGK’s interracial blowjob comments and gets extremely upset. To which, MGK responds, “Bitch, walk the fuck away then bitch, Dirty Nig Bitch

What is MGK? He is White Trash. A confused, tattoo’d, sex obsessed, race-mixing, wigger.
The Black media reporter knows this, which is why she hits on him with the “I’m chocolate” and lets him call another black chick a dirty nigger.
This is just proof that black women have serious self-esteem issues and can only get trashy, scummy whites.

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