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David S. Goyer: Man Of Steel & Modern Jewish Films

Jewish Filmwriter David S. Goyer Countinues “Superman” Series

manofsteeljewishThis summer, “Man of Steel” has earned over $621 million and became one of the biggest movies of the year.

The film examines the life of Clark Kent, a superhero who uses his powers to help others (sound familiar?)

Back in 1938, Jewish writers Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster created a comic book character named “Superman”.

On, Jewish writer Nathan Abrams claimed that “Superman, the invention of two U.S. Jews, is a profoundly Jewish character whose film history is entwined with that of American Jewry”. Abrams explains:

“Superman was the creation of two American Jews, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, who envisioned him as a conceptually Jewish character. Clark Kent is just a cover name hiding a deep, subsurface Jewishness. As the Jewish novelist Michael Chabon wrote, “only a Jew would pick a name like that for himself.” Clark Kent is a kind of empty vessel to hide his birth name: Kal-El, which could translate as either “vessel of God” or “voice of God.” He is the son of Jor-El of the House of El.”

Abrams further adds:

“Superman is the classic Yiddish nebbish or schlemiel. He is a refugee alien from a foreign planet. A nerdy, wimpy, bumbling and geeky Jew, he hides behind a pair of oversized glasses of the type so beloved of Jews on screen and of Haredi Jews, a clear signifier of Jewishness if ever there was one. He is unmarried and is awkward with women. His chosen human job – journalist – is clearly a Jewish profession, requiring intellect and Yiddishe kopf, or Jewish brains, rather than relying on physical attributes.”

Giorgos Katidis

From the Jewish magazine Forward, Larry Tye also claimed the Superman is Jewish. In his article, he listed “10 Reasons Superman Is Really Jewish“. Tye explained:

“If only we’d been paying attention, we’d have seen Siegel dropping hints of his  hero’s ethnicity when Superman dropped down from a faraway planet. On Krypton,  Superman went by the name Kal-El as in Isra-el and the prophets Samu-el and  Dani-el. It means God. Kal is similar to the Hebrew words for “voice” and “vessel.”

Further, Superman creator Jerry Siegel has admitted  he was inspired to create Superman by the anti-Semitism he witnessed as a child:

“It was a place and time where weaklings — especially Jewish ones, who were more  likely to get sand kicked in their faces by the bully down the block if not  Adolf Hitler — dreamed that someday the world would see them for the superheroes they really were.”

In other words, the comic book industry is a Jewish fantasy.

Most notably, Jewish writer Stan Lee (Stanley Lieber) was the former president of Marvel Comics. He invented Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, the Daredevils, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, AND the X-Men.


“Man Of Steel”, the latest movie in the Superman series continues these same themes. The film’s writer David S. Goyer has claimed he also faced anti-Semitic bullying as a child:

“A lot kids beat me up, saying that I killed Christ. I was very consciously different… I grew up with something of a chip on my shoulder.”

“Man Of Steel”, the latest movie in the Superman series, continues these Jewish themes. David S. Goyer has written the script for many other superhero films:

1998: Blade
2002: Blade II
2004: Blade: Trinity
2005: Batman Begins
2008: The Dark Knight
2009: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
2012: The Dark Knight Rises
2013: The Invisible Man
2014: Man of Steel 2
2015: Justice League

In other words, Goyer has no original ideas. He is like a musician that performs all cover songs written by other artists. In “Man of Steel”, Goyer recreates Superman and promotes the Jewish themes and ideas that go along with this story. Yet, somehow the audience is still entertained…

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