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Seth Rogen: This Is The End & Modern Jewish Films

Jewish Filmwriter Seth Rogen Continues “Jew Crew” Series


This summer, “This Is The End” has earned over $100 million and became one of the biggest movies of the year.

It is the most recent movie written and directed by Jewish filmwriter Seth Rogen, a founding member of the Jew crew. The group was formed by Jewish filmwriter Judd Appatow and includes Jonah Hill, James Franco, Paul Rudd, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, and Jason Segel.

“This Is the End”, the most recent “Jew Crew” movie, examines a group of friends trying to survive a global apocalypse. Other “Jew Crew” films include:

2005: The 40-Year-Old Virgin ($177 million)
2007: Knocked Up  ($219 million)
2007: Superbad ($169 million)
2008: Forgetting Sarah Marshall ($105 million)
2008: Pineapple Express ($101 million)
2009: Funny People ($71 million)
2012: This is 40 ($88 million)


In other words, Rogen and the “Jew Crew” produce movies about young men who get drunk/stoned, do something stupid, get into a bad situation, and somehow get out of that situation. Oh yeah, a big part of the movie is about the chracters attempting to hook up with women.  (sound familiar?)

Back in 1999, Jewish filmwriter Adam Herz and Jewish producer Paul Weirz created “American Pie”. It was about a group of young men who basically make a pact to lose their virginity before they graduate from high school. The film was extremely popular, earning $235 million and led to three lucrative sequels.

The “Jew Crew” shamelessly plagiarizes from the same themes and ideas examined in the “American Pie” series. They inspire a whole new generation of young males to avoid growing up and accepting responsibility.

In “This Is the End”, the group is at a housewarming party while the apocalypse occurs. Eventually, most of the characters are raptured into “Heaven”, which is described as “a paradise where any wish comes true”. Heaven is portrayed as a rowdy party with the Backstreet Boys performing…

Despite the film’s popularity, most critics were not impressed. The Globe and Mail journalist Rick Groen claimed, “This Is the End leaves viewers asking: When will it be over?”. He also wrote:

“Admittedly, there is one divine argument made here: that the existence of the apocalypse is de facto proof of the existence of God. If so, let’s hope He ain’t a critic. If not, I’m happy to play God again, bringing down His wrath on the lazy and the privileged and the mirthless.”

In other words, the Jews…

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