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Todd Phillips: The Hangover III & Modern Jewish Films

Jewish Filmwriter Todd Phillips Continues “Hangover” Series


This summer, “The Hangover Part III” has earned over $346 million and became one of the biggest movies of the year.

The first movie in the series earned over $467 million and the second earned over $581 million.

These films examine a group of four average middle-aged men who get drunk, pass out, and try to remember what happened the previous night.

These movies were written and directed by Jewish filmwriter Todd Phillips, who is also responsible for several other popular films:

1998: Frat House
2000: Road Trip
2003: Old School
2004 Starsky & Hutch
2012: Project X


In other words, Phillips writes movies about men who want to feel young again so they go out and party. (sound familiar?)

Back in 1978, Jewish filmwriter Harold Ramis and Jewish producer Ivan Reitman helped create “National Lampoon’s Animal House”. It was about a group of young men in a fraternity who are basically spend the whole movie trying to avoid growing up and becoming responsible. The film is number 36 on the American Film Insitute’s list of the 100 best American comedies.

Movie historians claim that “Animal House” helped launch and define the “gross-out” genre of modern comedy films.

In fact, Vanity Fair journalist Julie Miller revently asked Phillips about his childhood influences and he replied “obviously Animal House”.

Therefore, The “Hangover” Series reflects the current film industry and modern American culture as a whole. Todd Phillips basically just plagiarized the same themes from “Animal House” but somehow took them to an even more outrageous extreme.

In doing so, Phillips has also encouraged a whole new generation of young males to avoid growing up and accepting responsibility.

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