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Transcript From Dr. E Michael Jones Interview (12/23/2012)

Transcript From Interview With Tessler From Socialism Is Not An Option Radio


In this interview, Catholic author Dr. E Michael Jones examines the Rule of Saint Benedict, American politics, and Notre Dame.

It’s a great interview, here is the transcript:

Tessler: Hello Mr. Jones, how are you?

Jones: Very Good

Tessler: Well Mr. Jones, I want to thank you very much for participating on the show tonight. Why don’t we start off by letting our listeners know your background, who you are, and what you have to say in general?

Jones: Well, I started off life as a professor of American literature, I got my PHD from Temple University in 1979, I got a job at a place called St. Mary’s college which is right across the street from Notre Dame University, and proceeded to get fired one year later because of my stand against abortion. So needless to say, I was kind of shocked that I got fired from a Catholic college for being against abortion so instead of going back into academe, I decided to start a magazine. The magazine was then called “FIDELITY”, it’s now called “CULTURE WARS”, and it basically tried to look into what had happened over the course of the 60s and 70s. Part of that time I was in college, graduate school, teaching in Europe, so I think I sort of missed something, so I started to look into the issues from inside the Catholic Church and I think I discovered what happened there, but at a certain point I realized that the issues were not intra-Catholic. The Catholic Church was under attack, it was being attacked by a very sophisticated psychological warfare campaign. I could go into situation if you want, but the situation reminded me of the Kulture-Kampf in Germany in 1871 when Prussia united Germany under Prussian auspices and at that point in order to be a German you had to be a Protestant, you had to be a believer in the Enlightenment, and so on and so forth. So, that struck me as the best paradigm to understand what had happened to the Church and my ethnic group in America, so I changed the name of the magazine to “CULTURE WARS” , which is basically my translation of the German word “kulture-kampf”. So that is what I’ve been doing ever since, it comes out on a monthly basis. We try to understand cultural warfare, which is a form of psychological warfare, and try to explain all of these sophisticated forms of control that this sinister culture has created since World War II to keep people under control without them known they are under control.

Tessler: Interesting, how many books have you written?

Jones: Fourteen

Tessler: Wow, very good. So do you believe that secular humanism is the true religion of America today?

Jones: Well, secular humanism is a term that’s been applied recently. I think that there’s a consistency in the American republic and the faith of the American republic is the enlightenment, in some form or another. So, over the course of the centuries that America has existed, that are various power groups that take charge and enforce their understanding of the Enlightenment, but it’s always going to be some form of the Enlightenment because it’s the only ideological system that is compatible with all the laws and traditions of America. So, at the beginning there were regional differences. There was a southern form of the enlightenment and there was a northern version of the enlightenment. They had a Civil War and the North won. After the Civil War, there was the rise of what you would call the WASP ruling class, a national white Anglo Saxon Protestant elite that ran the country. By the twentieth century, it was epitomized by the Rockefeller family who played an enormously influential role and were crucial in this whole corruption of Catholicism I discovered at Notre Dame, especially John D. Rockefeller III. But after 1978, John. D. Rockefeller and Nelson Rockefeller died and I think at that point you had what I would call the “Jewish hegemony” over American culture and that began with people like Woody Allen going on the cover of Time magazine and being acclaimed as the universal American genius, Philip Ross writing. Literary criticism, it would be Jacque Derrida and Stanley Fish. Politically, I think the most important Jewish move during this period was the rise of Jewish neo-conservatism, which reached it’s culmination with the capture of foreign policy during the Bush administration and then the War in Iraq, and now this disastrous crusade in the Middle East which has cost so much in terms of treasure and lives. So I mean basically, all of those things would be types of the enlightenment, that’s what I’m trying to say. But over this period of time, there are various groups which come get the levers of power in their control, and they give the enlightenment a particular kind of spin. There are conflicts between these groups, but eventually one group becomes dominant in American culture.

Tessler: What about your E-book, “The Rule of Saint Benedict?”

Jones: I think that part of my fascination with Saint Benedict was the similarities between his time and ours, and what you’re seeing here is that Benedict lived during the end of the Roman Empire. The Germanic tribes had crossed the Danube, they had crossed the Rhine, they were invading and plundering. They had pretty much taken over what was the Roman Empire and established the Gothic kingdom. The Church has been recognized as the official Church of the Empire by Constantine about 300 years before this period but it didn’t make any difference anymore because the whole infrastructure which held it all together simply collapsed. I saw similarities between the Roman Empire and the situation of Catholics under Benedict, and the American Empire and the situation of Catholics under the American Empire. Now, I don’t know how far we are towards this type of collapse. Nobody knows, nobody knows the future. But I think what happened over this period of time was the people who grew up thinking of themselves as Romans suddenly had to rethink their allegiance and I think American Catholics are in a similar situation. We’ve reached a point where as in the Roman Empire, the Army is off in the Middle East somewhere. They are trying to conquer Persia or wherever, nobody’s sure exactly where they are. It’s like that Alan Jackson song, ‘I’m just a simple man, don’t know much about Iraq and Iran’. Couldn’t put my finger on a map, but we’re supposed to support our troops no matter what, wherever they are, we support them. At this point in the Roman Empire, the Roman citizen decided he identified more with his religion and with his parish, his local religious community than he did with his empire because the empire becomes so impersonal. It was interested in basically two things, taxes and soldiers. That was it, after that it didn’t really mean much and by the time this fell apart, you had this necessity among Catholic Christian people to join together in some type of local community for mutual support because the empire’s infrastructure had collapsed and before it had collapsed it was ignoring them anyways, except insofar as they paid taxes or became soldiers. So those are the similarities I saw between Benedict and our age now.

Tessler: Isn’t this our problem today, nobody cares about religion?

Jones: No, I don’t think that’s true. I think that the culture barons, the people who rule this country have an animosity toward religion but if you come to places like South Bend, people take religion very seriously here. It’s a very Catholic community, they’ve been brutally abused by the dominant culture and led to believe they have a role in this culture which they do not have, but I wouldn’t say religion is important here, it’s very important.

Tessler: It’s important, but it isn’t a primary issue anymore is it?

Jones: No, I think it is. That’s what I’m trying to say. If you focus on the local community, it is the primary issue. Now, the fact is that what’s going to happen here is that the local community is going to disconnect its allegiance with the empire. So, we’ll have a local community and we’ll say we think it’s important, if you don’t think it’s important, well then we’ll have to look elsewhere for someone else to collaborate with.

Tessler: What’s the difference between neo-conservatism and plan old conservatism?

Jones: Yes, the original conservatism was isolationist, it was often times associated with the Midwest, and it was interested in small government. The neo-conservatives, first off all, it was a Jewish political movement and the elders of this political movement, people like Irving Kristol, were Trotskyites. They were Trotskyites during their youth when they went to community college in New York, there were two alcoves: Alcove A and Alcove B. Alcove A were the Stalinists and Alcove B were the Trotskyites because Jews were overwhelmingly Communists during this period, during the 1930s.What happened over this period of time was that this group of Trotskyites, which were never really happy with the Soviet Union, became part of the anti-Communist crusade because they hated the Soviet Union as it was in the 1970s. So they became pro-Jewish, they were promoting under Henry Scoop Jackson, the Senator, they were promoting emigration improvements in the Soviet Union so the Jews could emigrate. Then they became very heavily involved in promoting an aggressive American foreign policy which benefited Israel more than anything else. The culmination of all this came when the second generation, Bill Kristol who is Irving Kristol’s son, finally became a power broker. He was an assistant to Dan Quayle in the Republican Party. The Republican Party turned to these people as a source of money and influence. Ronald Reagan did this, turned to people like Midge Decter and Norman Podhorhetz. Midge Decter is the wife of Norman Podhorhetz, he was the editor of Commentary magazine. Reagan turned to these people when he ran for President in 1980, and so they got entry into Republican Party politics and as is often the case, once the Jews get their foot in the door they take over. They redefine everything to suit their own interests. So what happened is they basically took over American foreign policy under the administration of George W. Bush. We are now bogged down in the Middle East in this never ending, probably generations of warfare, to conquer Islam now. Largely thanks to the neo-conservatives.

Tessler: What about when people like Newt Gingrich say that Conservatives are going to need to accept homosexuality? Can you comment on that?

Jones: Yeah, I think this is the death knell of the Republican Party. The Republican Party will then be less of the same, that’s what they’ve always been. First of all, the don’t have any ideas of their own. Let me put it this way: the Democratic Party is the party of revolution. This is the revolutionary avant-garde. There is a strong tradition in America that says we have to be on the cutting edge of revolution and that’s where they are right now. The Jews have now redefined the cutting edge of revolution as basically homosexual marriage. This goes back to 1969. The first Jewish crusade was the Black/Jewish alliance in America. It was created with the creation of the NAACP in 1913, right around the time of the Leo Frank trial. For what was basically sixty years, the Jews, as I said, who were overwhelmingly Communist tried to turn the black population of this country into a revolutionary movement. This classic example of this was the Scottsboro boys down in the South, that incident, but the culmination of this was the Civil Rights movement. It was the crowning moment of the Black/Jewish alliance. The Black/Jewish Alliance collapsed in 1967. Harold Cruz’s book, the “Crisis of the Negro Intellectual” put the final nail in the coffin, the Arab/Israeli War was the other nail. But basically Cruz said “Look, I was a Communist in Harlem and all we ever did was what the Jews wanted. The blacks had no say in what we were doing, we’ve had enough, it’s over.” And it was over, it ended in 1967 in a lot of acrimony. The Oceanhill Brownsville teachers strike in New York was another nail in the coffin. The blacks took over a local school district and kicked out all the Jewish teachers, which caused a huge uproar among the American federation of teachers. So at this point, they’d had it. We’re heading for divorce here. So the Jews looked around for a new revolutionary avant-garde and they find it in the homosexuals. The Stonewall Riot in Greenwich Village happened in 1969. We have a point now where Rabbi David Saperstein is responsible for gay marriage in New York State. Without him, it would have never happened. This is the avant-garde of the Revolution and that’s the way it’s been defined. Now, if the Republican Party is too stupid to figure this out, that’s their problem. That’s not my problem, they have to come to me and ask me to vote.

Now as a Catholic, Ronald Reagan appealed to the Catholics in 1980 and, this was the Catholics who were disgusted with Social Engineering, because their neighborhoods had all been destroyed by Social Engineering. I wrote a book on that, it’s called “The Slaughter of Cities”, it goes into great detail and proves that urban renewal was a form of ethnic cleansing. Reagan comes along in 1980 and says to the Catholics “I know you’re disgusted with the Sexual Revolution, I will do something about it. I will put an end to abortion.” Huge numbers of Catholics left the Democratic Party and they voted for Ronald Reagan and put him in office. Well over thirty years later, guess what? They haven’t done anything and I’m saying that statute of limitations has run out. So Catholics now, we’re all against abortion, that’s part of what it means to be a Catholic. But the Republican have not done anything, and one of the politicians who never did anything was Newt Gingrich, because he got into power with the “Contract with America” in the early 90s and he said then “You Pro-Lifers, you’ll have to go to the back of the line. We have more important things to deal with than abortion.” So sorry Newt, I know that you’re a fellow Catholics, we have great solidarity, I’m sure as Catholics, in some way or other, but when it comes to politics you’re a pimp. I mean, you went around with Sheldon Adelson. You were the puppet of Sheldon Adelson. What do you expect me to do, ignore that? Then he dumps you, and gets in bed with Mitt Romney, and I’m supposed to vote for Mitt Romney now? Forget it, forget it. So you guys need a new progrom.

Tessler: But haven’t they all become “pimps”?

Jones: Well yes, I’m sorry if I offended the pimps out there, but this is the powerless state of American politics. So basically in this last election, what we had was a contest between the candidate of the left-wing Jews, Obama, who then had to support all of the agenda of the left-wing Jews, namely sodomy, in particular gay marriage, because this is what Rabbi Saperstein wants. Or, you could vote for the candidate of the right-wing Jews, Romney, Gingrich, or Rick Santorum. Rick Santorum is a classic example of what I’m talking about, a classic Catholic politician. Rick shows up at Notre Dame University, I’m there in the audience. He walks out on the stage; first thing he talks about is he’s got eight kids. So we know he’s a serious Catholic, no contraception here. So then what does he talk about after that, guess what he talks about? Bomb Iran… We’ve got to bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb-bomb Iran. Well, wait a minute Rick, what Catholic cares about bombing Iran? Where did you get that? Well, it turns out that Rick is now working at the American Enterprise Institute, they’re paying his bills now directly. So the American Enterprise Institute believes in Zionism and Capitalism. So here we have another puppet, another Catholic puppet. That Catholics apparently cannot produce a Catholic politician who has a Catholic thought in his head. So that’s the situation we’re in.

Tessler: Is there any Catholic out there in America, who is also a politician at the same time, and not a pimp?

Jones: Well, no… because in order to be a politician, you have to be a Democrat or a Republican and if you’re a Democrat or Republican, that means you have some ideological card that trumps your Catholicism. So Joe Biden, he’s Catholic, he’s pro abortion, he supports gay marriage, he [pushed Obama into supporting gay marriage. On the other hand, you have the other Vice Presidential candidate, Mr. Ryan, who has to support some version of capitalism. So between the two of them, you have one group of Catholics who has to support sodomy, and the other group of Catholics that has to support usury. And no one can support the Catholic position as a result of that.

Tessler: Well, what is that Catholic position?

Jones: The Catholic position, now that you ask, there was a famous Catholic by the name of Dante Alighieri, and he wrote a book called the Divine Comedy, which is about going from Hell, to Purgatory, to Heaven. While he was being guided through hell, he comes to the ninth circle, and he finds people in the ninth circle, they have sodomites and usurers in the same circle. We are against sodomy and usury. The sodomite takes what is fruitful, sex, and makes it sterile. The usurer takes what is sterile, money, and makes it fruitful. That’s why they’re both in hell together, because they were both engaged in unnatural acts. That is the Catholic position. Now, which party represents that? Which party is against both sodomy and usury? Find that party, and I will vote for the candidate. I’ll tell you what, I’m offering a twelve step program for recovering conservatives. That’s what “Culture Wars” is, it’s a twelve step program for recovering conservatives. For Catholics, or conservatives, who’ve been lied to for the past thirty years since the arrival of Ronald Reagan, and this will help you kick your addiction.

Tessler: What do you say to the people who like Ronald Reagan?

Jones: One of the first things he did was the attack on labor, the air traffic controllers strike which I think set the tone for the reversion to one of the worst aspects of capitalism, the theft of labor. The systematic theft of labor is right next to usury as the thing that is the plague of capitalism, the reason capitalism always leads to a bust, one way or the other. Ronald Reagan enabled that and the Catholics hoping he’d do something about abortion went along with it, and that was a mistake. I feel that Ronald Reagan lied to us, and so I’m no fan of Ronald Reagan.

Tessler: But of all the Presidents since World War II, surely you have to say that Reagan was probably the best?

Jones: I have to say that? I don’t feel that way, sorry.

Tessler: That’s quite alright. I have a question from a listener, is Notre Dame still Catholics?

Jones: The answer is no, and part of the research I did after I got fired was look at what happened to Notre Dame and so it was a year long process. The book, “Is Notre Dame Still Catholic?” which we have at, covers a 25 years period of the decline of Notre Dame. But the crucial moment took place in the 60s, and I mentioned the Rockefeller’s before. They had a big effect on Notre Dame, that is true. In the early 1960s, the Rockefellers were concerned about promoting birth control because they thought the unwashed masses were taking over the earth. So the biggest obstacle to universal acceptance of birth control was the Roman Catholic Church at that time. So being intelligent people, they decided to try and undermine that position and they did it by sponsoring a series of secret conferences at Notre Dame. This was created after a Notre Dame priest went on a program about contraception in 1962. The head branch of the New York branch of Planned Parenthood brought this fact to the attention of John D. Rockefeller and the population council and they approached Notre Dame and they promised them money if they would run a series of secret conferences. Notre Dame agreed to do this from ‘63 to ‘65, they ran secret conferences. “Secret” is their word, not my word. They said “this is going to be secret, we don’t want certain people, we don’t want the bishop to know, we’re going to do this under the radar screen”. ’65 a group of theologians who had been invited to this conference announced they no longer found the church’s teaching on contraception persuasive. Now, nobody said the Rockefellers funded that conclusion, and if you didn’t come to that conclusion you got kicked out of the conference. So, what happened now was that the Church is unsettled because gosh, Notre Dame is the Catholic Harvard isn’t it? So at this point, at Catholic U, Charles Curran, who’s been teaching against contraception is let go, but there’s uprising, there’s demonstrations, so the bishop backs down. At this point, going back a step, in the summer of 1965, after they make their announcement, Father Hesburgh, the President of Notre Dame, takes John D. Rockefeller over to Rome and he arranges a private audience with Pope Paul VI and during that private audience, John D. Rockefeller volunteers to write the Pope’s birth control encyclical for him, which I thought was mighty white of this guy, you know? He knows the Pope is a busy guy and he’s got nothing but time on his hands because he’s so rich. Unfortunately from his point of view, the Pope turns him down and as a result, Humanae Vitae comes out against contraception in ’68. In ’67 however, Hesburgh sees his moment of opportunity, the bishops back down, and he in effect steals Notre Dame University from the Catholic Church. He takes what is a Catholic institution and puts it under a lay board of trustees and from that moment on, it is no longer a Catholic institution. It is a government institution and it serves the government ends, and the main government end that it serves is the social engineering of young Catholics. Basically turning them into loyal Americans and bad Catholics at the same time, and that’s what it’s been ever since.

Tessler: But aren’t many Catholic institutions doing that across America right now?

Jones: Yes, I mean, Hesburgh was not alone when he did this. The theft was known as the Land O’ Lakes statement. That was the summer of ’67, and a number of other Catholic institutions signed it as well. Fordham signed it, Gerogetown and many people may say Georgetown’s worse than Notre Dame, but the same issue took place at all of these places. What was a Catholic institution, which was held by the Catholic Church, the Holy Cross priests held it in trust for the Catholic Church, it doesn’t mean that they own and administer it, they hold it in trust for the Church. Now, it is owned by lay board of lay trustees which means all of that money which went there was stolen from the Church. Now this is not my opinion, I was the biographer of John Cardinal Krol of Philadelphia, who was the chairman of the Revised Code of Canon Law. When I asked him about the Land ‘o Lakes statement, he said to me that it’s alienation of Church property, which is another word for theft. That’s what Henry VIII did in England, that looting operation was known as the Reformation, and this operation is known as Land o’ Lakes and created the new Catholic University.

Tessler: Interesting, could you apply Benedict’s rule to America today?

Jones: Well I made a proposal and I called for the League of Saint Benedict. Basically Benedict in a time of chaos, in what once was the Roman Empire, there were roving bands of German thugs. All of my ancestors from Germany, who were looting and plundering, or burning and plundering. That was the problem with the Jones family, our motto was burn and plunder, and all we got was this charred mess whenever we were plundering. But anyways, they were looting and plundering, and he has to withdraw into fortified communities basically, castles and monasteries, to protect civilization. After doing the “Slaughter of Cities” which was about the looting and plundering of urban parishes, basically through black migration, the manipulation of black migration, I realized that there are all these empty buildings in cities, like empty convents. Like Philadelphia, which I’m familiar with, I grew up in Philadelphia, Most Blessed Sacrament was the biggest Catholic grade school in the world. It had a huge five story rectory, a five story convent, a huge school, and I thought, we could repurpose these things as apartments, places where young couples could live and start families. Then, if the family got big enough maybe they could move back into the neighborhood and you could provide a service to the local community, a service to young couples, and a service to the parish all in one. That was my original idea here for the rule of Saint Benedict in this era right now, the League of Saint Benedict.

Tessler: And where did you go with this?

Jones: It went nowhere, it went absolutely nowhere because the pastors all wanted money. They wanted top dollar rent in places like New York. They had empty buildings but they wanted top dollar rent for the building so there was no Saint Benedict, in that sense, to pick it up. I went to two Benedictine monasteries, I went to Saint Meinrad here in Southern Indiana, got nowhere with them. So the Benedictine’s weren’t interested, the pastors weren’t interested, so they’re still lying dormant. I think it’s a good idea but unless somebody acts on it, it’s not going to be anything but that.

Tessler: Well our country was founded on Protestantism, which is anti-Catholic right?

Jones: You’re absolutely right and believe me, Catholics who came here found that out very quickly. I’m saying yes, you’re absolutely right, but we had the numbers. At a certain point, the Protestant ruling class converted to birth control and as a result, they stopped having children. I once gave a speech about how to get into Harvard. My oldest son went to Harvard. I said the first criteria to get into Harvard that is absolutely essential is existence. If you don’t exist, you can’t get into Harvard. Which is where my son ended up, which is the Catholic from Indiana, because the WASP ruling class didn’t have children when the Catholics did. This was a crucial issue by the 1930s, when you had a battle between the Catholics and the decadent WASP ruling class represented by Margaret Sanger. John Ryan went toe to toe with Margaret Sanger in front of Congress and the Catholics beat Margaret Sanger. John Ryan beat Margaret Sanger and the government did not get involved in birth control. Thirty years later, the exact opposite happened. Catholics lost their nerve, they backed down, and they’ve been a conquered people ever since.

Tessler: Is it going to stay this way? Is it going to get worse?

Jones: No, how do you know it’s going to get worse? Do you have a crystal ball there?

Tessler: No but based upon the past forty years, it’s not very promising.

Jones: You’re right, but if I felt it were hopeless, I would not be doing what I’m doing. I think that first of all, Catholics have been deprived of their own history. The net result of the theft of Notre Dame is that you have a lot of Catholic government historians working to keep Catholics on the reservation, on the government reservation, and what this is called is known as Americanism, which got its start in the 19th century. It got its credible boost with a Jesuit by the name of John Courtney Murray, who came up with an especially virulent strain of Americanism and basically crippled the Catholic Church in America because it made them believe that they had to believe in religious freedom as opposed to conversion. We saw the net result of this with this ill fated campaign the Bishops tried to do against Obamacare. It was pathetic, they were saying well wait a minute, John Courtney Murray said we had religious freedom. Why are you not listening to us? But that was a black operation. John Courtney Murray was working for Time Magazine, that’s why he got on the cover of Time Magazine. He was working with Harry Luce, and Harry Luce was working with the CIA. This was a black operation to bring Catholics under control and to ensure that what I just mentioned, Monsignor Ryan defeating Margaret Sanger wouldn’t happen again, or something like the Legion of Decency, where Catholics boycotted Hollywood movies and brought Hollywood to its knees. For thirty years, the Catholics basically had veto power over what the Jews in Hollywood would produce and so there was no obscenity, no mockery of religion, all kinds of stuff. John Courtney Murray appearing on the cover of Time Magazine, one month after John F. Kennedy was elected was the death knell of that version of Catholicism in America.

Tessler: Are the Jewish people to blame for many of the bad things happening in America?

Jones: Yes, I think we have to hold Jews responsible for what they’ve done. So for example, the War in Iraq, they’re responsible for it. Gay marriage is a Jewish project. Pornography has always been a Jewish project. All I’m saying is that we have to hold this group responsible for the evil they have done.

Tessler: But why have they done it?

Jones: Because they’re Jews, I did a book called the “Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” where I traced the Jewish revolutionary spirit back to its origin, and its origin is at the foot of the cross. When Jesus Christ arrived on this earth, he came to God’s chosen people, the Jews, and the Jews at this point had to decide if they were going to accept him as the Messiah or reject him. The Jews who accepted Jesus Christ as the messiah became the true sons of Abraham and they are the Catholic Church. Christianity, they are the Jews who accepted Jesus Christ. The Jews who rejected him are now known as Jews. In rejecting him they chose Barabbas. This is a decision that had immense consequences for all of human history ever after that, because in rejecting Jesus Christ, you are rejecting “logos”. This is the way Saint John, who spoke Greek, refers to Jesus Christ. Jesus is the logos and in the beginning, the first sentence of John’s gospel is “In the beginning, there was logos”.  This is the order of the universe that was created by God as a mirror of the order of God’s mind. Here, the logos is now incarnate in Jesus Christ and these Jews, this group of Jews, rejects Him and chooses a revolutionary in his stead, Barabbas. So, what happened is that the Jewish people have chosen revolution and rejection of “logos” ever since, and they’ve been a source or turmoil and disruption up to this present day. They will be until they convert and reject their rejection of logos, and that’s my position.

Tessler: Wow, very interesting. But you referred to the difference between the Jews who supported Obama and the Jews who supported Romney, what’s the difference?

Jones: Well, there are always going to be splits among the Jewish people. They’re always going to be fighting with each other. The party of Shammai hated the party of Hillel. In the settlement of Russia, there were two revolutionary movements that swept through the settles at that time. One was Zionism, and one was Communism. Well, that’s what we see today. The left wing Jews are the heirs of the Communists, and Communism has permuted into the new left agenda which is basically sexual in its orientation. This came about because of the writings of Wilhelm Reich. So you have Communism in its new left form and that’s promoting abortion, gay marriage, sexual stuff. You also have Zionism, the other revolutionary ideology, well that’s Zionism, that’s Israel. So, the Republican Party has supported the Zionists and the Democratic Party has supported the new left, Communist agenda.

Tessler: Is this anti-Semitism?

Jones: It’s not anti-Semitism, I’m not an anti-Semite. Anti-Semitism came into existence in the 1870s in Germany. It was the creation of an atheist by the name of Wilhelm Maher, and it was a function of the rage for Darwin ideology at the time. It said that the Jews were corrupt because they had bad DNA. I do not believe that. I do not believe that their DNA is any worse than anybody else. That’s a form of racism, and I reject all forms of racism. Even if you go to the ADL website, you will see that they accept the fact that I reject all forms of racism.

Tessler: Then your difference is political and religious, not ethnic?

Jones: It’s theological, the Jew is a theological construct and he has always been at war with Christianity and the Catholic Church and today is no different. This war will continue forever because that’s part of what history is in a sense. It’s the war between the forces of Christ and the forces of anti-Christ.

Tessler: But isn’t there some middle ground?

Jones: No, I’m saying that there’s revolution and there’s counter-revolution at this point. The Jews are the avant-garde of the revolutionary movement throughout history and so they are naturally going to gravitate towards a revolutionary party like the Democrats, or the Socialists, or the Communists, or whatever at this point. Then there’s the anti-revolutionary party that is totally inadequate, that’s the republicans, that’s conservatism, their principles are totally inadequate to deal with this revolutionary fervor so they’re going to fail and they will be swept from history. Maybe a new one will arise and maybe it won’t.

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