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Quick Blerb on 9/11

Firstly, I have taken time off Jett and Jahn, persued a  job in international relations, got a girlfriend, and am working on building a good white family.
The Jett’s been busy, but I will be back. The site will be highly more structured.

9/11 – I thought it was a Mossad Job

A lot of this information you will have to wait till my book, case in point 1. Green Screen 2. Photo morphing software 3. Real People I know

1. Hollywood uses green screens, 9/11 was a 102 minute movie.

2. Victims – Photo morphing software – Rare in the 2000’s, now 12 dollars at K-mart, anyone can morph people’s faces into different photos. No Victims. No one died. No SSDI records.

3. Real people I know in NYC said they just saw smoke. Fits controlled demolition with no victims.

Wait for my book and updates to site for more.

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