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Brighid Monahan

The founder of megaupload, Kim Dotcom (born Schmitz), has been denied bail in New Zealand and America seeks to extradite him. Many individuals have been charged internationally and are facing US extradition in regards to file-sharing and copyright infringement.

Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom


John Wilkes Booth,assassin of Lincoln, was half Jewish.

John Wilkes Booth A Sister's Memoir

Booth's Sister says they are half Jewish


In the book, John Wilkes Booth – A Sister’s Memoir by Asia Booth, it is revealed that John Wilkes Booth’s father, Junius Brutus Booth, was Jewish.
The passage reads: “Born in 1796 to a highly educated clan of Jewish lawyers and silversmiths on his father’s side”

John Wilkes Booth was Jewish

Snippet from book

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Jews and Rap Chains

Jewish Rap Chain

Just as Jews were the cultural architects of HipHop/multiculturalism by using blacks as revolutionaries in media , we see now that Jews are the true profiteers. In the below video a rapper named yung eggplant goes… Continue reading

Taken from Wasp Elitist/Rockefeller friend Paul Blandshard’s American Freedom and Catholic Power.
Around 1919, Blandshard and his brother spent a summer in a Polish neighbor and grew to hate the new White immigrants


I am convinced that some political and… Continue reading

Why are our so-called friends spying on U.S?

Alan Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz

Article from
By Alan Dershowitz

There are several reasons why justice demands that Israel’s Jonathan Pollard — given a life sentence for spying on the United States for Israel — be immediately released, with his sentence commuted to time served.

The first is a legal and constitutional argument. Pollard, an NIS intelligence analyst convicted in 1987, waived his right to trial by jury in exchange for a promise by the government that it would not seek life imprisonment. The government broke that promise.
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