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Jett Rink

I have always been against the complete eradication of Jews. As a Catholic, I believed the Jew held a spiritual purpose. That is, if such evil exists, than Satan must exist and thus a God of Miracles must exist. I… Continue reading

The Jew is the definition of a weakling, a bitch, a coward.

No Jews

Why take shit from a kike?

In Martin Scorsese’s 1990 film, Goodfellas, he shows the Gentile how to deal with Jews who try to fuck you over.

“I grew up in a Catholic Ghetto…Irish town here, Polish town there”

Rick Santorum

Santorum – The Last of the Catholics

The rich mormon failed. Jett and Jahn only endorsed one candidate – Rick Santorum. We said he would win Iowa –… Continue reading

Play that funky music white boy explained

Play that Funky Music

Play it Whitey

Yes, the band is singing the word, “fuckin,” the lead singer stresses funky on his chorus vocal solo.
The leader singer does give it away at the very end of… Continue reading

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