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Jett Rink

Catholic? Faithful? Bros’ dont want you

Wedding Rings

Sorry Babe, I don’t want to get married. Wanna give me head tho? ~ College Bro

Personal note from the Jett here; a former dude the Jett knew from school decided to buy one… Continue reading

The Nation Rejoices

Catholic Jesus Christ

King of Glory = Fighter of Jews

This is a Catholic hymn, if not the ultimate Catholic Psalm. Amazingly, (or not sense Jews control the Media even on JewTube) the only video J&J staff could find was… Continue reading

How Ron Paul is Ross Periot

Ron Paul is Ross Perot

Same Trick

America’s a little bit older now but the same trick that was used in the early 1990’s against the likes of Pat Buchanan and other crusaders for morality is being used again… Continue reading

Reading With Jett returns to discuss an article from the September 2011 edition of Culture Wars Magazine.
The article deals with the story of Faust and Mephistopheles as allegories for the Rothschild banking family. Also covered is the overall financial… Continue reading

Studies show Rap Makes Whites Scream



The Breakdown

Studies have found that White men tend to scream and become very angry when hearing rap music. One researcher, Jett and Jahn Media intern, Tim Roberts, asked about this question said,… Continue reading

Enjoy this video of a typical non white party


Brazil - The Future America

This video was sent in by Jett and Jahn fan, Crager! Thanks man!

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