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Tim Roberts

Chaz Bono, weirdo fuck

chaz bono

Burn in hell, weirdo fuck

Chaz Bono has no job. He/She is a total pussy. He lives of Cher Bono’s payroll. I’m tired of these transgender cocksuckers. Chaz Bono got his tits cut off yet he… Continue reading

In my journies for the company across America’s darkest cities I came a path a black dude who wanted me to record his case of how the white man justice system screwed him. I agreed to film him as long… Continue reading

In the below video obtained by us we get to see an average welfare recipient. This is there your tax dollars are going people.

welfare recipient

Keep workin crackas

I voted for Obama cuz he’s black mofugga


The Black Community is now cool with the N-Word


N Word

Support for the N-Word

 In the following video obtained by Jett and Jahn Media, a leader of the Black Community stresses the importance of the world nigger to niggers.… Continue reading

Free Lunch

The Free Lunch

Jett and Jahn Productions is pleased to announce the premiere of a financial advice show called: The Free Lunch with Mike Jahn, Karl, and Dave Blutenberg.

Show Notes:

Haiti Industry Boom

Blockbuster vs NetFlix

How To Make… Continue reading

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