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Tom Connington

Forget NWA, Party here on the west side


Jett and Jahn Media declares that “This is how we do it” a song from the 1990’s, by a nigga named Montell Jordan (90s = MJ = ripping off… Continue reading

Israeli Terrorism Against American Citizens….Again

Sandy Hook Elementary School

Sandy Hook Elementary School

53 Minutes
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-Rupert Murdoch Tweets that the Jewish Owned Press does not cover the death of Palestinians
-Mike Harris says Israel did Sandy Hook… Continue reading

Whites Need Not Apply For Work

Giovanni's Sanctuary

Giovanni’s Sanctuary Podcast

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In this episode, Gio talks about how he has been discriminated in Anglo Saxon society looking for jobs, especially in places like FL and in… Continue reading

American Culture is built on defending oneself


The Great White Hope


In the following two scenes starring Clint Eastwood, playing the role of the Great White Hope, we see why guns will never be banned in America. It is… Continue reading


sandy hook in batman

Batman Movie Has Sandy Hook Map

The video below shows that popular bat man movie Dark Knight Rises has an Aurora and Sandy Hook reference. Are the crimes real or media manipulation?

Obama calls drug dealing hard work?

Obama Jay Z and Beyonce

Obama, Beyonce, Jay Z

Obama states in the below video that Jay Z, “represents America…He came from nothing…worked hard (Jay Z sold drugs in his youth)…and rapping.

Jay Z says Obama represents a magical… Continue reading

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