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Jewish Cultural Terrorism

Culture Destroyers

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Jett Rink and Joey McGoebbels discuss several Jewish articles which shows the Jewish bias of the mainstream media, the mentality of American Jews, and the politicians who kiss their… Continue reading

FBI Informant? White Supremacist? Patriot? Fraud?

J.T.'s Hispanic Girlfriend's Daughters

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On this edition, Jett Rink and Jett and Jahn Media European Producer Pat from the Netherlands discuss the life and death of former Marine… Continue reading

“HYFR” Video Shows Drake, Lil Wayne, Birdman, & Trey Songz Partying At Bar Mitzvah Reception

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On This Show, Jett Rink & Joey McGoebbels Examine Several Current Themes In Rap Music:

What Is Purpose… Continue reading

Is There a Conspiracy Against Right Wing Radio Hosts?

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On this edition, Jett Rink and Joey McGoebbels discuss the Liberal effort to suppress criticism from Conservative talk radio.

Show Topics Include:

Andrew Breitbart:… Continue reading

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